20+ Slang for Ounce (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Ounce Mean?

A unit of weight, specifically 28.35 grams. Additionally, a small amount of something.

Slang For Ounce

Slang Words for Ounce

Here is the list of slang words for Ounce with meanings:

  1. Zip: An ounce of marijuana or other drugs.
  2. O: Simply a shorthand for an ounce.
  3. Z: Abbreviation, another term for an ounce.
  4. Zone: Reference to an ounce, typically weed.
  5. O-Z: Pronounced “oh-zee”, meaning an ounce.
  6. QP: Quarter pound, equivalent to four ounces.
  7. Eight-ball: An eighth of an ounce, typically cocaine.
  8. Quad: A quarter of an ounce.
  9. Deuce: Half of an ounce.
  10. Ellie: Short for ‘L’, which stands for an ounce.
  11. Full-o: Slang for a complete ounce.
  12. Slice: An eighth of an ounce, usually weed.
  13. Twomp: Twenty dollars worth, less than an ounce.
  14. Ouncy: Playful slang for an ounce.
  15. Oner: One ounce, typically of marijuana.
  16. Oskee: Another term representing an ounce.
  17. Onie: Playful or casual term for an ounce.
  18. Chicken: Often used in urban areas for an ounce.
  19. Paper: An ounce of a drug, signifying its value.
  20. O-Boy: Slang referencing an ounce of a substance.

Use of Ounce Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Ounce:

  1. Just picked up a zip from the store.
  2. He’s selling an O for a good price.
  3. She asked if I had a Z left.
  4. Bought a zone for the weekend.
  5. Do you have any O-Z to spare?
  6. I need a QP for the party next week.
  7. He got caught with an eight-ball last night.
  8. She’s looking for a quad of good stuff.
  9. Split a deuce between them.
  10. Can you hand me that ellie?
  11. I only buy full-o when it’s on sale.
  12. He sold me a slice yesterday.
  13. Bought a twomp on my way here.
  14. That ouncy looks pretty solid.
  15. It’s hard to find a good oner these days.
  16. He gave me an oskee for my birthday.
  17. Just need an onie for tonight.
  18. Traded a phone for a chicken.
  19. Need to save up for some paper.
  20. Hand over the O-Boy and no one gets hurt.

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