30+ Slang for Phone (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Phone Mean?

A “phone” refers to a telecommunications device used for voice communication, typically with the ability to make and receive calls over a network of interconnected devices. It enables real-time conversation between individuals separated by distance.

Slang For Phone

Slang Words for Phone

Here is the list of slang words for Phone with meanings:

  1. Blower: Old term for telephone device.
  2. Cell: Short for cellular device.
  3. Buzz: Sound-making communication tool.
  4. Ring: Sound-emitting call device.
  5. Horn: Vintage term for telephone.
  6. Mobile: Handheld communication device.
  7. Line: Refers to a telephone connection.
  8. Telly: Often means television, sometimes phone.
  9. Brick: Bulky, old mobile phone.
  10. Pager: Old-school message-receiving device.
  11. Flip: Refers to flip phones.
  12. Smartie: Short for a smartphone.
  13. Jingle: Phone’s ringing or alert sound.
  14. Receiver: Part you hold to ear.
  15. Dialer: Device used for making calls.
  16. Tele: Short for telephone.
  17. Cellie: A casual term for cellphone.
  18. Ring-a-ling: A ringing phone.
  19. Handset: Hand-held calling device.
  20. Talkie: From walkie-talkie, sometimes phone.
  21. Link: Connection or communication tool.
  22. Comm: Short for the communicator.
  23. Ringer: Device that makes ringing sounds.
  24. Droid: Short for Android phone.
  25. Buzzbox: Phone that vibrates often.
  26. Pocket dial: Unintentional call from pocket.
  27. Hotline: Direct or emergency phone line.
  28. Rotary: Refers to old rotary phones.
  29. Cordless: Phone without a physical line.
  30. Phablet: Phone-tablet hybrid.

Use of Phone Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Phone:

  1. Can you hand me the blower?
  2. Lost my cell at the beach.
  3. My buzz has a low battery.
  4. I can’t find my ring anywhere.
  5. He answered the horn quickly.
  6. Your mobile is on the table.
  7. There’s no line in the cabin.
  8. I dropped my telly in water.
  9. That brick still works?
  10. Do you remember using a pager?
  11. I miss my old flip sometimes.
  12. My smartie has a great camera.
  13. The jingle startled me.
  14. Put the receiver down.
  15. Is this your dialer?
  16. My tele is acting up.
  17. Charging my cellie overnight.
  18. The ring-a-ling startled the cat.
  19. The handset is pretty ergonomic.
  20. I use my talkie all day.
  21. This link has a weak reception.
  22. The new comm is futuristic.
  23. Adjust the ringer volume.
  24. My droid needs an update.
  25. Got your buzzbox with you?
  26. It was just a pocket dial.
  27. Called the company’s hotline.
  28. They had a vintage rotary display.
  29. The cordless is more convenient.
  30. This phablet is huge!

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