20+ Slang for Excellent (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Excellent Mean?

“Excellent” refers to something that is of the highest or superior quality. It denotes outstanding performance, skill, or value.

Slang For Excellent

Slang Words for Excellent

  1. Lit – Extremely good or impressive.
  2. Dope – Cool or awesome in quality.
  3. Fire – Outstanding; extremely hot or great.
  4. Rad – Short for radical; impressive.
  5. Stellar – Exceptionally good; out of this world.
  6. Ace – Top-notch, superior in quality.
  7. Sick – Surprisingly good or cool.
  8. On fleek – Perfectly done; on point.
  9. Tight – Well done; perfectly put together.
  10. Bomb – Extremely impressive or appealing.
  11. Poppin’ – Attractive; stands out positively.
  12. Epic – Grand or impressive in scale.
  13. Legit – Real; genuinely good or impressive.
  14. Phat – Cool; excellent in quality.
  15. Off the hook – Beyond regular standards; exceptional.
  16. Crisp – Neat, fresh, or excellently done.
  17. Beast – Dominating in performance; very good.
  18. Clutch – Perfectly executed; done at the right time.
  19. Golden – Perfect; of great value.
  20. Prime – Of the best possible quality.

Use of Excellent Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The party last night was lit, wasn’t it?
  2. I think that new song is totally dope.
  3. Her mixtape is just fire, you must hear it.
  4. Did you see that rad skateboard trick?
  5. I believe your performance tonight was stellar.
  6. I’ve never seen such an ace shot before!
  7. The graphics in this game are incredibly sick.
  8. I’ve noticed her makeup is always on fleek.
  9. Where did you get those tight shoes from?
  10. This, right here, is the bomb
  11. I think her outfit tonight is totally poppin’.
  12. The climax in that movie was simply epic.
  13. Trust me, the deal is 100% legit.
  14. I’ve always thought his car looks really phat.
  15. I heard last weekend’s party was off the hook.
  16. I love how the design looks so crisp.
  17. On the court, he’s an absolute beast at basketball.
  18. The player’s last-minute goal was just so clutch.
  19. Sometimes, a piece of golden advice can change everything.
  20. Everyone says this steak is of prime

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