30+ Slang for Bird (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Bird Mean?

“Bird” refers to a warm-blooded, egg-laying, feathered vertebrate with wings. The term originates from the Old English “brid,” meaning “young bird” or “chick.”

Slang For Bird

Slang Words for Bird

  1. Chick: Young girl/woman
  2. Duck: Affectionate term
  3. Hen: Older woman
  4. Rooster: Confident man
  5. Chirp: Flirtatious talk
  6. Tweety: Cute person
  7. Canary: Informant, snitch
  8. Nest: Home, hangout
  9. Feathered friend: Close friend
  10. Eagle-eyed: Very observant
  11. Peacock: Show-off person
  12. Owl: Night person
  13. Hawk: Intense, focused person
  14. Dodo: Silly/stupid person
  15. Parrot: Repeat what’s said
  16. Flamingo: Flamboyant person
  17. Raven: Dark-haired individual
  18. Swan: Graceful person
  19. Pigeon: Easily fooled person
  20. Cuckoo: Crazy person
  21. Penguin: Awkward person
  22. Birdbrain: Thoughtless person
  23. Falcon: Fast worker/player
  24. Vulture: Opportunistic person
  25. Songbird: Good singer
  26. Goose: Silly person
  27. Turkey: Clumsy/fail moment
  28. Phoenix: Reborn/transformed person
  29. Crow: Boast, brag
  30. Lark: Fun, playful adventure

Use of Bird Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She’s a cool chick from my school.
  2. Hey, duck, missed you at the party.
  3. That hen has some wild stories.
  4. He walked in like a rooster today.
  5. Did he just chirp at you?
  6. Look at that tweety in the park!
  7. He’s a known canary for the cops.
  8. Welcome to our cozy nest.
  9. She’s my feathered friend from college.
  10. With her eagle-eyed vision, nothing escapes her.
  11. Stop being such a peacock at parties.
  12. She’s an owl, always up late.
  13. His hawk-like focus helped him win.
  14. Don’t be a dodo, think before speaking.
  15. She tends to parrot her brother.
  16. His style is so flamingo!
  17. The raven-haired actress stole the scene.
  18. She danced like a swan.
  19. Don’t be a pigeon; they’re scamming you.
  20. He went cuckoo after midnight.
  21. He waddled like a penguin on ice.
  22. Stop being such a birdbrain.
  23. As a falcon, he finished first.
  24. The vulture waited for the company’s downfall.
  25. She’s a songbird on the stage.
  26. Stop acting like a goose, Jim!
  27. That joke was a complete turkey.
  28. After recovery, she’s like a phoenix.
  29. Don’t crow about it; be humble.
  30. Going hiking tomorrow, just for a lark.

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