30+ Slang for Bed (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Bed Mean?

“Bed” refers to a piece of furniture designed for sleep or relaxation. Its origin is from the Old English word “bedd” meaning a plot or patch of ground.

Slang For Bed

Slang Words for Bed

  1. Crash pad: Place to sleep.
  2. Sack: Sleep spot.
  3. Cot: Simple bed.
  4. Bunk: Sleeping berth.
  5. Berth: Sleeping spot.
  6. Slammer: Prison bed.
  7. Pallet: Basic sleeping place.
  8. Futon: Japanese-style bed.
  9. Trundle: Pull-out bed.
  10. Doss: Temporary bed.
  11. Flophouse: Cheap lodging.
  12. Hammock: Hanging bed.
  13. Hide-a-bed: Sofa bed.
  14. Murphy: Wall-fold bed.
  15. Settee: Sofa bed.
  16. Daybed: Couch/bed combo.
  17. Divan: Long low bed.
  18. Lounger: Convertible chair/bed.
  19. Bean bag: Informal lounger.
  20. Nest: Cozy bed.
  21. Beddy-bye: Children’s bed.
  22. Crib: Baby’s bed.
  23. Pad: General sleep place.
  24. Matt: Short for a mattress.
  25. Rest nest: Comfortable bed.
  26. Cloud: Ultra-comfy bed.
  27. Boudoir: Fancy bedroom.
  28. Four-poster: Tall bed frame.
  29. Pit: Depressive bed.
  30. Rack: Military bed.

Use of Bed Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. I found a cheap crash pad downtown.
  2. He’s already in the sack, snoring loudly.
  3. The cabin had a simple cot inside.
  4. Kids love the top bunk more usually.
  5. Ships usually offer a narrow berth to sleep.
  6. He got a cell in the slammer.
  7. We spread a pallet by the fire.
  8. Her apartment has a comfy futon.
  9. The kids share a room with a trundle.
  10. Many travelers use a doss for the night.
  11. The city’s flophouse was always full.
  12. I took a nap in the hammock.
  13. The living room has a hide-a-bed.
  14. Space-savvy rooms have a Murphy.
  15. I slept on the settee last night.
  16. The sunroom has a beautiful daybed.
  17. The lounge featured a luxurious divan.
  18. She read on the lounger all afternoon.
  19. Teens love sprawling on the bean bag.
  20. Cats always find a cozy nest.
  21. Time for beddy-bye, little one.
  22. The baby’s new crib is so cute.
  23. He invited us to his new pad.
  24. The matt needs a good cleaning.
  25. I dream of a plush rest nest.
  26. The new mattress feels like a cloud.
  27. Her boudoir is impeccably designed.
  28. Their master room has a four-poster.
  29. After work, I dive into my pit.
  30. Soldiers return to their rack after drills.

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