30+ Slang for Vomit (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Vomit Mean?

“Vomit” refers to the forceful expulsion of the contents of one’s stomach through the mouth. It can be a result of sickness, overeating, or other causes.

Slang For Vomit

Slang Words for Vomit

Here is the list of slang words for Vomit with meanings:

  1. Barf – Throw up; expel stomach contents.
  2. Puke – Regurgitate; vomit.
  3. Chunder – Australian term for vomiting.
  4. Upchuck – To hurl; another term for vomit.
  5. Ralph – To retch or throw up.
  6. Spew – Expel forcefully; vomit.
  7. Hurl – To throw up; vomit.
  8. Blow chunks – Graphic term for vomiting.
  9. Heave – A forceful expulsion; vomit.
  10. Toss cookies – Colorful way to describe vomiting.
  11. Regurg – Short for regurgitate; vomit.
  12. Technicolor yawn – Vivid, colorful vomit.
  13. Yak – Another word for puke.
  14. Boot – To vomit, often from drinking.
  15. Pray to the porcelain god – Vomiting into a toilet.
  16. Purge – Expelling; especially after overeating.
  17. Gag – Brief choking or vomiting reflex.
  18. Bletch – To eject stomach contents; vomit.
  19. Honk – To spew or vomit.
  20. Sick – UK slang for vomit.
  21. Toss – To throw up; vomit.
  22. Bark – To expel stomach contents loudly.
  23. Retch – Make a vomiting sound/motion.
  24. Whistle beef – Humorous term for vomiting.
  25. Disgorge – To expel from the throat.
  26. Eject – Forcefully expel; often used humorously.
  27. Expel – Release or push out.
  28. Projectile – Vomiting with force and distance.
  29. Reflux – Backflow, often of stomach acid.
  30. Chuck – Another term for throw-up.

Use of Vomit Slangs in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of Vomit:

  1. I shouldn’t have eaten so much; I barfed.
  2. After the roller coaster, he started to puke.
  3. Too much beer and she chundered everywhere.
  4. He felt queasy and had to upchuck.
  5. After eating the spoiled food, she ralphed.
  6. That nasty smell made him spew instantly.
  7. Too much candy made the kid hurl.
  8. After the party, she blew chunks.
  9. On the boat, he began to heave continuously.
  10. She ate too fast and tossed cookies.
  11. Stomach flu made him regurg all night.
  12. After mixing drinks, he gave a technicolor yawn.
  13. Bad sushi? Yep, it made me yak.
  14. He drank too much and had to boot.
  15. He went to the bathroom to pray to the porcelain god.
  16. Eating so fast made her purge unfortunately.
  17. The medicine made him gag a bit.
  18. She felt unwell and started to bletch.
  19. The spoiled milk made him honk.
  20. She felt sick after the carnival rides.
  21. Overeating made her toss her lunch.
  22. He had to bark after the spicy meal.
  23. The smell made her retch uncontrollably.
  24. After the party, he whistled beef everywhere.
  25. The cat began to disgorge its meal.
  26. Drinking fast made him eject everything.
  27. His body decided to expel the toxins.
  28. He had a sudden projectile episode.
  29. Lying down after eating caused reflux.
  30. The dog decided to chuck his breakfast.

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