20+ Slang for Farting (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Farting Mean?

Farting refers to the act of expelling gas from the digestive system through the rectum. It is a natural bodily function, often accompanied by sound and odor.

Slang For Farting

Slang Words for Farting

  1. Toot: A light, quick fart.
  2. Ripper: A loud, lengthy fart.
  3. Poot: A soft, barely audible fart.
  4. SBD: Silent but deadly fart.
  5. Whoopee: A prank cushion-like fart.
  6. Cutting Cheese: Smelly fart.
  7. Air Biscuit: Floating, odor-filled fart.
  8. Fluff: A light, fluffy fart.
  9. Trumpet: A fart with a musical tone.
  10. Blast: A forceful, loud fart.
  11. Zephyr: A gentle, slight fart.
  12. Boomer: A deep, resonant fart.
  13. Honk: A short, sharp fart.
  14. Stealth: Unnoticeable until it’s too late.
  15. Gasser: A particularly strong-smelling fart.
  16. Thundersmack: A startlingly loud fart.
  17. Pop: A short, quick fart.
  18. Windjammer: A prolonged, noisy fart.
  19. Bean Blower: A fart caused by legumes.
  20. Vapor: An almost invisible fart.

Use of Farting Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I accidentally let out a toot during the meeting.
  2. John unleashed a ripper at the worst moment.
  3. She managed a poot and nobody noticed.
  4. The room went silent because of the SBD.
  5. It sounded like a whoopee cushion in here.
  6. I think someone is cutting the cheese in here.
  7. An air biscuit just made its way around.
  8. That fluff was surprisingly loud.
  9. Her trumpet echoed in the hall.
  10. He let out a blast during the movie.
  11. A gentle zephyr went unnoticed.
  12. That boomer shook the room!
  13. The honk interrupted our conversation.
  14. It was a stealth move for sure.
  15. Wow, that was a real gasser!
  16. He startled everyone with a thundersmack.
  17. She let out a small pop while sitting.
  18. He’s a known windjammer among friends.
  19. That bean blower was inevitable after lunch.
  20. The vapor left us wondering who it was.

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