20 Slang for Old Person (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Old Person Mean?

Old person refers to an individual who has reached an advanced age, typically associated with senior citizens or elderly individuals.

Slang For Old Person

Slang Words for Old Person with Meanings

Here is the list of slang words for Old Person with meanings:

  1. Elder – An older person, often with wisdom.
  2. Senior – Someone of advanced age or status.
  3. Geezer – A humorous term for an elderly person.
  4. Codger – An old man, often seen as eccentric.
  5. Gramps – Informal term for a grandfather.
  6. Crone – An old woman, sometimes with mystical connotations.
  7. Matriarch – An older woman who holds authority.
  8. Patriarch – An older man who leads a family.
  9. Ancient – Extremely old or aged individual.
  10. Methuselah – A biblical reference to an extremely old person.
  11. Venerable – Respected and admired due to age.
  12. Golden-ager – A euphemistic term for a senior citizen.
  13. Silver fox – An attractive older man.
  14. Hag – A derogatory term for an old woman.
  15. Sage – An older person with great wisdom.
  16. Antique – Referring to someone very old.
  17. Biddy – A somewhat disparaging term for an elderly woman.
  18. Coot – An eccentric and old-fashioned person.
  19. Doyen – A person who is highly experienced and respected.
  20. Wrinkly – Informal reference to someone with many wrinkles.

Use of Old Person Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. She sought advice from her elder on life matters.
  2. The senior citizens gathered for their weekly bingo game.
  3. The geezer down the street always tells funny stories.
  4. The codger who lives next door collects antique clocks.
  5. Gramps shared tales of his adventures during the war.
  6. The wise old crone offered herbal remedies.
  7. The family’s matriarch passed down her famous recipes.
  8. The patriarch of the clan gave a heartfelt speech.
  9. The history book was filled with stories of ancient civilizations.
  10. Like a modern-day Methuselah, he lived well beyond 100.
  11. The venerable professor received a standing ovation.
  12. The retirement community welcomed the golden-agers warmly.
  13. He was often called a silver fox for his charm.
  14. Don’t call her an hag; she’s a vibrant senior.
  15. The village sage was known for his wise counsel.
  16. That antique shop has a collection of antique furniture.
  17. The old biddy down the street is quite chatty.
  18. He’s a bit of a coot, always wearing that bowler hat.
  19. The doyen of the art world curated the exhibition.
  20. Her face showed the beauty of a life well-lived as a wrinkly.

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