20+ Slang for Cute Guy (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Cute Guy mean?

“Cute Guy” refers to an attractive and endearing young man. The term’s origin is likely rooted in the English language’s use of “cute” to describe something charming or pleasing to the eye, paired with “guy” to refer to a male individual.

Slang For Cute Guy

Slang Words for Cute Guy

  1. Hottie: Very attractive person.
  2. Babe: Term of endearment.
  3. Stud: Handsome and strong.
  4. Cutie: Adorably charming.
  5. Dreamboat: Extremely attractive.
  6. Heartthrob: Causes romantic feelings.
  7. Eye candy: Pleasing to see.
  8. Adonis: Exceptionally handsome.
  9. Prince charming: Ideal romantic partner.
  10. Beau: Stylish boyfriend.
  11. Charmer: Captivating and charming.
  12. Dapper: Neat and stylish.
  13. Charming: Pleasantly attractive.
  14. Swoon-worthy: Causes swooning feelings.
  15. Handsome devil: Attractive and mischievous.
  16. Fine: Very good-looking.
  17. Casanova: Charming ladies’ man.
  18. Player: Flirtatious and attractive.
  19. Crush: Secret romantic interest.
  20. Suave: Smooth and charming.

Use of Cute Guy Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Caught the hottie’s gaze across the room.
  2. He’s such a charmer, a real babe.
  3. Admired his style, a true stud.
  4. Can’t resist his smile, he’s a cutie.
  5. Everyone thinks he’s a total dreamboat.
  6. He’s a real heartthrob, no doubt.
  7. That guy is pure eye candy.
  8. Adonis-like looks, truly charming.
  9. Waiting for my prince charming to appear.
  10. My boyfriend is quite the beau.
  11. He’s got a captivating charmer vibe.
  12. Always dressed so dapper and classy.
  13. His personality is simply swoon-worthy.
  14. He’s a bit of a handsome devil.
  15. Can’t deny he’s incredibly fine.
  16. Watch out for that smooth Casanova.
  17. Be cautious, he might be a player.
  18. Developing a secret crush, oh no!
  19. His moves make him a true suave.

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