20+ Slang for Fastball (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Fastball Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

A fastball is a type of pitch in baseball thrown at high velocity and generally straight trajectory.

Slang For Fastball

Slang Words for Fastball

  1. Heater: Fast pitch, serious speed
  2. Cheese: High-velocity fastball
  3. Cheddar: Another term for a speedy pitch
  4. Rocket: Extremely fast fastball
  5. Smoke: High-speed straight pitch
  6. Bullet: Fastball with minimal curve
  7. Laser: Accurate and fast pitch
  8. Zinger: Quick pitch, hard to hit
  9. Cannon: Powerfully thrown fastball
  10. Thunderbolt: Lightning-fast, almost unseen pitch
  11. Blazer: A speedy, challenging pitch
  12. Zipper: Fastball with late movement
  13. Missile: Quick and lethal pitch
  14. Scorcher: Hot, high-speed fastball
  15. Whistle: Fast pitch, sounds like it’s whistling
  16. Flame: Extremely quick fastball
  17. Burner: Fast and intimidating pitch
  18. Jet: Fast, as if jet-propelled
  19. Whiz: Extremely quick pitch
  20. Bolt: Like a bolt of lightning

Use of Fastball Slang in Example Sentences

  1. That pitcher’s heater is almost impossible to hit.
  2. He threw some serious cheese right down the middle.
  3. The batter couldn’t handle the cheddar coming at him.
  4. With a rocket, he closed out the inning.
  5. He delivered the smoke for strike three.
  6. The batter missed the bullet that came his way.
  7. That laser was right over the plate.
  8. No one could touch his zinger today.
  9. The closer threw a cannon to end the game.
  10. The pitch was a thunderbolt, striking out the hitter.
  11. The rookie’s blazer was clocked at 98 mph.
  12. He threw a zipper that broke late.
  13. The batter swung and missed at the missile.
  14. The pitcher threw a scorcher to get the out.
  15. You can hear the whistle when he pitches.
  16. The pitcher’s flame was too hot to handle.
  17. That burner was too fast to catch up with.
  18. He ended the inning with a jet down the middle.
  19. The whiz got him looking for strike three.
  20. That bolt ended the game in a dramatic fashion.

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