20+ Slang for Gun/Short Gun (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Gun Mean?

A gun is a weapon designed to launch one or more projectiles propelled by rapidly expanding high-pressure gas produced by chemical reactions within a confined space. These projectiles may include bullets, pellets, or shells and are intended to cause damage or harm.

Slang For Gun

Slang Words for Gun

  1. Piece: Handheld firearm.
  2. Heat: A concealed weapon, typically a gun.
  3. Iron: Refers to a handgun or firearm.
  4. Gat: Old-school term for a pistol.
  5. Strap: A carry-on firearm, often a handgun.
  6. Boomstick: Generally refers to a shotgun.
  7. Cannon: A large, powerful gun.
  8. Tool: Concealed weapon, usually a gun.
  9. Roscoe: Old-fashioned term for a pistol.
  10. Hardware: Guns or firearms, generally.
  11. Firestick: Another term for a gun.
  12. Chopper: Usually an automatic rifle.
  13. Blaster: A gun, often in a sci-fi context.
  14. Luger: A specific type of German pistol.
  15. Six-shooter: A revolver with six chambers.
  16. Rifle: Long-barreled gun for distance shooting.
  17. Uzi: A type of submachine gun.
  18. Hand-cannon: A particularly large handgun.
  19. Musket: An old-fashioned, muzzle-loading gun.
  20. Lead-slinger: Usually a gun with rapid fire.

Use of Gun Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Be careful, he’s carrying a piece.
  2. She’s got some heat in her purse.
  3. Don’t mess with him; he’s got iron.
  4. He pulled out an old-school gat.
  5. She keeps a strap in her car.
  6. He’s hunting with a boomstick today.
  7. That cannon could do some damage.
  8. Better watch out; he’s got a tool.
  9. He flashed an old Roscoe at the meeting.
  10. They’ve got serious hardware in that safe.
  11. You can hunt with that firestick.
  12. He unleashed a chopper in the movie.
  13. She’s wielding a blaster in the video game.
  14. The villain carried a Luger.
  15. He drew a six-shooter from his holster.
  16. He took aim with his rifle.
  17. She was equipped with a Uzi.
  18. That hand cannon looks heavy.
  19. He owns an antique musket.
  20. The character is a real lead-slinger in the film.

Slang for Short Gun

  1. Shotty: A common shorthand for a shotgun.
  2. Boomstick: Another popular term, especially after its use in media.
  3. Street-sweeper: Refers to a shotgun’s potential spread of pellets.
  4. Double-barrel: Specifically for shotguns with two barrels.
  5. Pump: Refers to pump-action shotguns.
  6. 12-gauge: Refers to a common caliber of shotgun.
  7. Sawed-off: A shotgun with a shortened barrel.
  8. Scattergun: Due to the spread of the shotgun pellets.
  9. Buck: Referring to buckshot, a type of shotgun ammunition.
  10. Slugger: Named after the slug type of shotgun ammunition.

Slang for Caring/Having a Gun

  1. Packing Heat: Carrying a concealed weapon, usually a firearm.
  2. Strapped: Carrying a gun, often concealed.
  3. Armed to the Teeth: Carrying multiple weapons, heavily armed.
  4. Locked and Loaded: Prepared and ready, the weapon is loaded.
  5. Carrying: Simply indicates having a gun on one’s person.
  6. Holding: In possession of a gun.
  7. Toting: Carrying a gun, typically openly.
  8. Heeled: An old Western term for being armed with a gun.
  9. Gun-slinging: Carrying a gun, often in a more showy or skillful manner.
  10. Rolling Heavy: Armed, often with a significant or powerful weapon.

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