20+ Slang for Championship (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Championship Mean?

A championship refers to a contest or series of contests to determine a winner or supreme champion in a particular field or sport. The term originates from “champion” and the suffix “-ship,” denoting a state or condition.

Slang For Championship

Slang Words for Championship

  1. Crown – Top title in a competition.
  2. Bling – Decorative championship jewelry.
  3. Throne – Position of the champion.
  4. Peak – Highest point of success.
  5. Mountaintop – Reached the utmost pinnacle.
  6. Belt – Award for combat sports victory.
  7. Summit – Top rank in a competition.
  8. Trophy – Physical prize for winners.
  9. Pinnacle – Apex of achievement in sports.
  10. Ring – Symbol of basketball championship.
  11. Gold – First place or top prize.
  12. Tiara – Champion’s crown in pageants.
  13. Grail – Most sought-after championship.
  14. Medal – Decorative award for achievement.
  15. Glory – Public acknowledgment of victory.
  16. Chalice – Cup awarded to victors.
  17. Gem – Outstanding championship win.
  18. Plaque – Flat decorative championship award.
  19. Star – Recognized champion in a field.
  20. Badge – Symbol of achieved mastery.

Use of Championship Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. That team finally secured the crown this year.
  2. He flashed his bling at the post-game interview.
  3. She’s not willing to give up her throne.
  4. They reached their peak last season.
  5. The team’s standing on the mountaintop now.
  6. He won the heavyweight belt last night.
  7. She’s at the summit of her career.
  8. The trophy will be displayed at school.
  9. That victory was the pinnacle of his efforts.
  10. He’s aiming for another championship ring.
  11. They clinched the gold at the Olympics.
  12. The new Miss Universe wears the tiara proudly.
  13. Every team desires the grail of soccer.
  14. She added another medal to her collection.
  15. The athlete basks in his moment of glory.
  16. The team lifted the chalice high.
  17. That win was a real gem.
  18. The plaque hangs in their hall of fame.
  19. He’s the star of this championship league.
  20. She wears her championship badge with pride.

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