20+ Slang for Coming Soon (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Coming Soon Mean?

The phrase “coming soon” indicates that a particular product, event, or service will be available or will occur in the near future. It is often used in marketing to build anticipation and excitement.

Slang For Coming Soon

Slang Words for Coming Soon

  1. Immin Izzle – Happening really soon.
  2. On Deck – Next in line, coming up.
  3. Any Sec – Literally any second now.
  4. Just a Min – Hold on, it’s nearly here.
  5. Right Quick – Happening very quickly.
  6. Bout a Drop – About to be released.
  7. Stay Tuned – Keep watching, it’s near.
  8. Up Next – What’s coming immediately after.
  9. Nigh Nigh – Very close in time.
  10. Fast Approach – Quickly coming your way.
  11. Inna Bit – Will happen shortly.
  12. Round Da Corner – Almost here, close by.
  13. Tick Tock – Time’s almost up, near.
  14. Hold Tight – It’s almost here, wait.
  15. Real Quick – Happening very soon.
  16. Any Mo – Any moment now.
  17. Get Ready – Prepare, it’s coming.
  18. Close Up – Nearly here, almost.
  19. Heads Up – Alert, it’s near.
  20. Peep This – Check out what’s coming.

Use of Coming Soon Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The trailer is Immin Izzle, just wait!
  2. Your coffee is On Deck, don’t worry.
  3. He’ll be here Any Sec, relax.
  4. The movie starts in Just a Min, find your seat.
  5. I’ll be back Right Quick, don’t move.
  6. The album is Bout a Drop, so excited!
  7. Stay Tuned, the announcement is coming.
  8. Your table is Up Next, please wait.
  9. It’s Nigh Nigh, can’t wait any longer.
  10. The train is Fast Approach, get ready.
  11. I’ll call you Inna Bit, stay near the phone.
  12. The bus is Round Da Corner, see it?
  13. The test is Tick Tock, hurry up!
  14. The delivery is Hold Tight, almost here.
  15. I’ll finish this Real Quick, no worries.
  16. She’s about to call Any Mo, I swear.
  17. Get Ready, the concert starts soon.
  18. The cake is Close Up, I can smell it.
  19. Heads Up, the boss is coming.
  20. Peep This, new styles dropping soon.

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