20 Slang for Throw Up (2024)

What does Throw Up Mean?

“Throw up” is a colloquial expression that refers to the act of vomiting or regurgitating the contents of one’s stomach through the mouth. It is a bodily response often triggered by illness, food poisoning, or excessive alcohol consumption.

Slang For Throw Up

Slang Words for Throw Up

Here is the list of slang words for Throw Up with meanings:

  1. Barf: Expel stomach contents.
  2. Puke: Vomit forcefully.
  3. Hurl: Eject food rapidly.
  4. Ralph: Casual term for vomiting.
  5. Yack: Loudly throw up.
  6. Upchuck: Toss stomach contents up.
  7. Blow chunks: Eject solid food pieces.
  8. Heave: Strongly expels stomach contents.
  9. Retch: Gag or vomit attempt.
  10. Spew: Expel liquids or food.
  11. Toss cookies: Vomit (often humorously).
  12. Regurge: Short for regurgitation.
  13. Vom: Informal term for vomit.
  14. Purge: Expel stomach matter.
  15. Boot: Vomiting action.
  16. Gag: Choking reflex leading to vomit.
  17. Chunder: Australian slang for vomit.
  18. Bark: Expel loudly.
  19. Technicolor yawn: Colorful vomit reference.
  20. Sell buicks: Humorous slang for puke.

Use of Throw Up Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I saw him barf right outside the club.
  2. Too much candy made her puke.
  3. Don’t drink so much, or you’ll hurl.
  4. After the ride, he started to ralph.
  5. She felt queasy and began to yack.
  6. Too spicy? Might make you upchuck.
  7. Overeating can make you blow chunks.
  8. Sea sickness made her heave overboard.
  9. The smell made him retch uncontrollably.
  10. He couldn’t hold it in and spewed.
  11. After the carnival rides, she tossed cookies.
  12. The old milk made him regurge.
  13. Drink water, you look like you’ll vom.
  14. She felt the need to purge after overeating.
  15. He took a spin and then booted.
  16. Strong odors make me gag.
  17. After the party, he chundered in the garden.
  18. Listen, he’s about to bark.
  19. After mixing drinks, it’s a technicolor yawn.
  20. Too many beers, and he’s selling buicks.

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