20+ Slang for Nose (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Nose Mean?

The “nose” is the prominent facial body part between the eyes that is used for breathing and smelling. It also plays a role in facial aesthetics and expressions.

Slang For Nose

Slang Words for Nose

Here is the list of slang words for Nose with meanings:

  1. Schnoz: A large, prominent nose.
  2. Sniffer: An organ used for smelling.
  3. Beak: Pointed or projecting nose.
  4. Snozzle: Comically large or awkward nose.
  5. Honker: Big or distinctive nose.
  6. Conk: A person’s nose, typically large.
  7. Hooter: An informal term for nose.
  8. Snoot: An upturned or haughty nose.
  9. Proboscis: An unusually long nose.
  10. Bazoo: Slang for face or nose.
  11. Nozzle: A playful term for nose.
  12. Bugle: A big or protruding nose.
  13. Snotter: A nose, often running with mucus.
  14. Noodle: A person’s head or nose.
  15. Pecker: Pointed, bird-like nose.
  16. Schnozzle: Extended version of schnoz.
  17. Whistle: Informal slang for nose.
  18. Schnoot: Playful term for an upturned nose.
  19. Niffer: An alternative slang for sniffer.
  20. Snout: The projecting part of face; nose.

Use of Nose Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Nose:

  1. Look at that actor’s schnoz on screen!
  2. Her sniffer is quite sharp; she sensed the aroma instantly.
  3. The parrot’s colorful beak attracted everyone’s attention.
  4. Comedians often make jokes about a big snozzle.
  5. That boxer’s honker has seen a few punches.
  6. With a conk like that, he stands out in photos.
  7. The child laughed pointing at the clown’s red hooter.
  8. She looked down her snoot at the low-priced items.
  9. The man’s prominent proboscis reminded her of Pinocchio.
  10. Wipe your bazoo; it’s all dirty.
  11. Don’t touch your nozzle with dirty hands!
  12. His bugle was red from the cold weather.
  13. Carry tissues if your snotter keeps running.
  14. “Use your noodle!” means to think, not literally your nose!
  15. She’s got a pecker like a curious bird.
  16. The comedian had a rubber schnozzle as a prop.
  17. I got a piercing on my whistle yesterday.
  18. His schnoot went red when he was embarrassed.
  19. My dog’s niffer is always active, especially around food.
  20. The detective’s sharp snout sniffed out the clue.

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