Top 100 American Slang Words in 2023

American slang words add flavor to language, expressing emotions and attitudes uniquely. They foster connection, enhance communication, and reflect cultural trends, making conversations engaging and relatable.

What are the Slangs?

Slang is a very informal language or some specific words used by a particular group of people. You’ll usually hear slang spoken more often than you’ll see it put in writing, though emails and texts often contain many conversational slang words. Though slang sometimes gets a bad rap for being inappropriate or incorrect, it’s also highly creative and shows that the English language is constantly evolving over time.

American Slang Words

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1. Up (happy cheerful)

Meaning: happy and cheerful

Example: I’m feeling up after that great news!

2. Pig out

Meaning: eat a lot or overeat

Example: After Thanksgiving dinner, we all pigged out.

3. Goof up

Meaning: made a serious mistake

Example: He’s so goofy; always cracking jokes.

4. Meltdown

Meaning: total collapse

Example: The reactor’s in danger; it’s a meltdown situation.

5. Quick buck

Meaning: some easy money

Example: I need a quick buck right now.

6. Racket

Meaning: noise

Example: The construction noise is such a racket.

7. Shot down

Meaning: disagreed with

Example: He shot down my idea during the meeting.

8. Hang it up

Meaning: quit

Example: I’ve decided to hang it up.

9. In the bag

Meaning: settled

Example: Victory is in the bag.

10. Knocked up

Meaning: pregnant

Example: Looks like she’s been knocked up.

11. Tool around

Meaning: drive around

Example: Let’s tool around the town this evening.

12. Airhead

Meaning: stupid person

Example: She’s a total airhead.

13. Flick

Meaning: movie

Example: Let’s catch a flick tonight.

14. Pro

Meaning: professional

Example: She’s a true pro at her job.

15. Smoke eater

Meaning: fireman

Example: The smoke eater arrived quickly at the scene.

16. Chicken

Meaning: coward

Example: That’s such a chintzy gift.

17. Pig

Meaning: eats too much

Example: He’s become a real pig lately.

18. Blow one’s cool

Meaning: becomes angry

Example: He blew his cool when the computer crashed.

19. Freebie

Meaning: a free thing

Example: These samples are freebies.

20. Hyper

Meaning: overexcited

Example: Calm down; don’t get hyper.

21. Pain in the neck

Meaning: annoying

Example: His constant complaints are a real pain in the neck.

22. Mean

Meaning: performs well on

Example: He’s mean in the boxing ring.

23. Boo-boo

Meaning: mistake

Example: That’s a painful boo-boo.

24. Carb

Meaning: carburetor

Example: The carb in my bike needs tuning.

25. Threads

Meaning: clothes

Example: Check out my new threads!

26. Chow down

Meaning: eat a lot

Example: Let’s clip through this topic quickly.

27. Straight

Meaning: honest

Example: She’s always straight with her opinions.

28. Maxed out

Meaning: exhausted

Example: After the marathon, I’m completely maxed out.

29. Screw around

Meaning: waste time

Example: Stop screwing around and focus.

30. Action

Meaning: Excitement

Example: The party was full of action.

31. Red hot

Meaning: important

Example: The new gadget is a red hot item.

32. Crack open a bottle

Meaning: open

Example: Let’s crack open a bottle and celebrate!

33. Take a hike

Meaning: leave

Example: It’s time for you to take a hike.

34. Dope (Drug)

Meaning: drug

Example: He’s been dealing with dope for years.

35. Blow

Meaning: leave

Example: His plan was about to blow.

36. Kook

Meaning: strange people

Example: Don’t mind those kooks on the street.

37. Flashback

Meaning: Remembered

Example: That memory was a real flashback.

38. Rat hole

Meaning: run-down place

Example: That place is a real rat hole.

39. Jam

Meaning: trouble

Example: He’s always in some sort of jam.

40. Paw

Meaning: hands

Example: Wash your paws before dinner.

41. Glitzy

Meaning: fashionable

Example: The party was so glitzy.

42. Zip

Meaning: nothing

Example: I’ve got zip interest in that movie.

43. Steamed up

Meaning: angry

Example: Don’t get steamed up over small issues.

44. Goofy

Meaning: silly

Example: Use your gourd and think.

45. In

Meaning: fashionable

Example: His outfit is totally in.

46. Hungry

Meaning: eager to make money

Example: He’s always hungry for success.

47. Nark

Meaning: drug police

Example: Watch out for the narks on the corner.

48. Bad

Meaning: intense

Example: The meeting was such a bad experience.

49. Cool down

Meaning: calm down

Example: Time to cool down and relax.

50. Put the moves on

Meaning: seduce

Example: He tried to put the moves on her.

51. Sharp

Meaning: intelligent

Example: She’s not only fashionable but also quite sharp.

52. Grass

Meaning: marijuana

Example: The deal was a real gravy.

53. Cram

Meaning: study hard

Example: I need to cram for the exam.

54. Shot

Meaning: try

Example: Give it a shot and see what happens.

55. Junkie

Meaning: drug addict

Example: He used to be a junkie in his past.

56. Call

Meaning: prediction

Example: That’s a bold call about the economy.

57. Rag

Meaning: newspaper

Example: Check out today’s headlines in the local rag.

58. GrossĀ 

Meaning: disgusting

Example: We had a gross-out comedy night.

59. Blimp

Meaning: a very fat person

Example: That guy’s a blimp; can barely fit through the door.

60. Taken

Meaning: cheated out of

Example: He got taken by that scam artist.

61. John

Meaning: bathroom

Example: I’ll be in the john for a moment.

62. Lame

Meaning: an inadequate

Example: Your plan is so lame.

63. Line

Meaning: story

Example: What’s the line on that movie?

64. Huffy

Meaning: angry

Example: He got huffy after the argument.

65. Get with it

Meaning: hurry up

Example: Come on, get with it; we’re running late.

66. Hole up

Meaning: hide

Example: She decided to hole up for the weekend.

67. Split

Meaning: leave

Example: Time to split; see you later!

68. Get into something

Meaning: became seriously interested in

Example: I’ve really gotten into painting lately.

69. Mega

Meaning: Large

Example: That’s a mega burger!

70. Pickled

Meaning: intoxicated

Example: He was pickled after a night of drinking.

71. Blow a fuse

Meaning: loses your temper.

Example: Don’t blow a fuse; calm down.

72. Deck

Meaning: knocked down

Example: He was decked by that unexpected punch.

73. I.D

Meaning: identification

Example: Can I see some I.D?

74. Rule

Meaning: dominates

Example: He rules the school’s basketball court.

75. Kick

Meaning: enjoy

Example: I really kick this new recipe.

76. Stink

Meaning: is repulsive

Example: The garbage stink is unbearable.

77. Earful

Meaning: a lot of gossip

Example: I heard an earful of gossip yesterday.

78. Go

Meaning: try

Example: He’s about to go bananas.

79. Raw

Meaning: new

Example: Check out my raw talent in painting.

80. Goof

Meaning: fool

Example: Don’t goof up on this assignment.

81. Rough time

Meaning: hard time

Example: He’s going through a rough time.

82. Keep one’s cool

Meaning: remained calm

Example: He managed to keep his cool during the argument.

83. Booze

Meaning: Alcohol

Example: He’s been hitting the booze hard.

84. Cuffs

Meaning: handcuffs

Example: He’s in cuffs; they put him in cuffs.

85. Dork

Meaning: strange person

Example: Stop being such a dork.

86. Fix

Meaning: a dose of drugs

Example: Can you fix me up with a drink?

87. Bummer

Meaning: bad experience

Example: The rain ruined our picnic; what a bummer.

88. No sweat

Meaning: no problem

Example: “Can you help?” “No sweat.”

89. Bent

Meaning: angry

Example: He’s bent after that argument.

90. Big gun

Meaning: powerful people

Example: He’s a real big gun in the industry.

91. Smashed

Meaning: intoxicated

Example: We got smashed at the party last night.

92. Klutz

Meaning: stupid and clumsy person

Example: Don’t be such a klutz in the kitchen.

93. High

Meaning: intoxicated on drugs or alcohol

Example: He got high at the party last night.

94. Riot

Meaning: funny

Example: Her jokes always turn a boring event into a riot.

95. Bombed

Meaning: intoxicated

Example: The party was a real bomb.

96. Beat

Meaning: exhausted

Example: He’s beat after the long hike.

97. Bent out of shape

Meaning: become upset

Example: He’s really bent out of shape about the new policy.

98. Have a buzz on

Meaning: was slightly intoxicated

Example: I had a few drinks and got a buzz on.

99. Fox

Meaning: very attractive

Example: She looks like a real fox tonight.

100. Break it up

Meaning: stop

Example: Let’s break it up; the fight’s getting ugly.

101. Bomb

Meaning: bad

Example: The party was a total bomb.

102. Vibes

Meaning: feelings

Example: The party has good vibes.

103. Puke

Meaning: vomit

Example: I felt like I was going to puke.

104. Intense

Meaning: serious

Example: The movie’s intensity is intense.

105. Gourd

Meaning: head

Example: The new TV cost a grand, or 1,000 bucks.

106. Negative

Meaning: bad things

Example: I don’t want to hear any more negatives.

107. Gravy

Meaning: easy money

Example: The money’s coming in; it’s all groovy.

108. Dicey

Meaning: chancy

Example: The situation is getting dicey.

109. Hit

Meaning: successful

Example: Your idea is a real hit!

110. Damage

Meaning: cost

Example: The repairs are going to cost a fortune, a real damage.

111. Nip

Meaning: a quick drink

Example: Let’s have a quick nip before the show.

112. Road hog

Meaning: takes up too much of the road

Example: That driver’s a real road hog.

113. Psycho

Meaning: mentally ill

Example: That guy is a total psycho.

114. History

Meaning: something in the past

Example: That incident is ancient history now.

115. Beemer

Meaning: B.M.W. car

Example: I wish I could afford a Beemer.

116. Up for grabs

Meaning: available.

Example: The prize is up for grabs in the contest.

117. Grub

Meaning: food

Example: Let’s grab a bite; I’m hungry for some grub.

118. Rocks

Meaning: with ice

Example: I’ll have a whisky on the rocks, no rocks.

119. Sack

Meaning: go to bed

Example: I’m exhausted; time to hit the sack.

120. Veg out

Meaning: relax and do nothing

Example: Let’s just veg out and relax this weekend.

121. Hang loose

Meaning: relax

Example: Just hang loose and enjoy life.

122. Cut out

Meaning: leave

Example: I’ve got to cut out early today.

123. Rinky-dink

Meaning: inferior

Example: This place is so rinky-dink.

124. Go down

Meaning: happening

Example: He’s acting like a total goof.

125. Mush

Meaning: nonsense

Example: His explanation was just a bunch of mush.

126. Bread

Meaning: money

Example: Can you lend me some bread?

127. Deep pockets

Meaning: is a good source of money

Example: He’s always got deep pockets for charity.

128. Push off

Meaning: leave

Example: It’s time to push off and head home.

129. Nick

Meaning: arrested

Example: He got nicked for shoplifting.

130. Hip-shooter

Meaning: always talking without thinking

Example: He’s such a hip-shooter; always saying whatever.

131. Gut (basic)

Meaning: basic

Example: This is the gut of the problem.

132. Honcho

Meaning: boss

Example: He’s the company’s new honcho.

133. Break

Meaning: opportunity

Example: I see a great break in your future.

134. Chintzy

Meaning: cheap

Example: This place is chow down central!

135. Cool

Meaning: good

Example: This ice cream is so cool.

136. Party-hearty

Meaning: celebrate

Example: Let’s party-hearty tonight!

137. Nuke

Meaning: heat up in the microwave

Example: I’ll just nuke some leftovers for lunch.

138. Quarterback

Meaning: lead

Example: He’s the quarterback of our team.

139. Hammer

Meaning: accelerator

Example: Hit the hammer to speed up.

140. Far-out

Meaning: great

Example: The job’s pretty far-out.

141. Grungy

Meaning: dirty

Example: The basement’s so grungy.

142. Pop for something

Meaning: buy

Example: I might pop for that new gadget.

143. Guts (courage)

Meaning: Courage

Example: He showed real guts facing danger.

144. Antifreeze

Meaning: liquor

Example: This antifreeze will warm you up.

145. Schmuck

Meaning: jerk

Example: What a schmuck he turned out to be!

146. Run out of gas

Meaning: lost interest or momentum

Example: I’ve run out of gas for this project.

147. Psyched up

Meaning: mentally ready

Example: I’m feeling psyched up for the game.

148. Barf

Meaning: vomited

Example: The smell made me barf.

149. Rug

Meaning: wig

Example: His wig, or should I say rug, looks so fake.

150. Move on someone

Meaning: pick up and seduce

Example: He’s trying to move on me at the bar.

151. Heave

Meaning: vomited

Example: I had to heave after that roller coaster ride.

152. Catch some z’s

Meaning: get some sleep

Example: I need to catch some z’s tonight.

153. Blade

Meaning: Knife

Example: Pass me the blade to cut this rope.

154. Con

Meaning: deceive

Example: He’s such a con artist.

155. Spud

Meaning: potatoes

Example: Let’s make some mashed spuds for dinner.

156. Grubby

Meaning: unclean and untidy

Example: Don’t touch that; it’s grubby.

157. Mickey mouse

Meaning: nonsense and a waste of time

Example: This task is just Mickey Mouse work.

158. Pit stop

Meaning: stop and go to the bathroom

Example: Let’s make a pit stop before continuing.

159. Knuckle sandwich

Meaning: punch in the mouth

Example: Keep it up, and you’ll get a knuckle sandwich.

160. Rack

Meaning: bed

Example: I’m tired; hitting the rack.

161. Get it

Meaning: understand

Example: Did you get it? Understand?

162. Cruise

Meaning: going very fast

Example: He’s always driving like he’s in a cruise.

163. Hardware

Meaning: weapons

Example: Watch out for his hardware collection.

164. Scam

Meaning: swindle

Example: That online offer seems like a scam.

165. Big stink

Meaning: big issue

Example: That was a big stink about nothing.

166. Prod

Meaning: reminder

Example: Give me a prod if I forget.

167. Catch some rays

Meaning: get some sunshine.

Example: Let’s catch some rays at the beach.

168. Big mouth

Meaning: talk too much

Example: She’s got a big mouth; always gossiping.

169. Bashed

Meaning: crushed

Example: His car was bashed in the accident.

170. Pad

Meaning: a place to live

Example: I got a new pad downtown.

171. Paper-pusher

Meaning: bureaucratic office workers

Example: The office is full of paper-pushers.

172. Bonkers

Meaning: Crazy

Example: The situation’s getting bonkers.

173. Can

Meaning: bathroom

Example: Time for a quick trip to the can.

174. Dead

Meaning: quiet

Example: The classroom is dead silent.

175. Buy it

Meaning: die

Example: He’s acting strangely; he’s gonna buy it soon.

176. Knockout

Meaning: a stunning person

Example: She’s a real knockout at the party.

177. Hot

Meaning: stolen

Example: That car seems a bit hot.

178. Gig

Meaning: job

Example: He’s performing at a jazz gig.

179. Blown away

Meaning: greatly impressed

Example: I was blown away by her performance.

180. Make waves

Meaning: cause trouble

Example: His actions always make waves.

181. Joint

Meaning: cheap bar

Example: Let’s hit the local joint for a drink.

182. Repo

Meaning: repossess

Example: They had to repo his car due to nonpayment.

183. Hairy

Meaning: dangerous

Example: Climbing that mountain was quite hairy.

184. Knock

Meaning: criticize

Example: He’ll knock your idea no matter what.

185. Pooped out

Meaning: quit

Example: I’m pooped out after the long hike.

186. Sucker

Meaning: be deceived

Example: I won’t be a sucker for their tricks.

187. Do a snow job on

Meaning: deceive

Example: He’s always trying to do a snow job on me.

188. Plastered

Meaning: intoxicated

Example: He got plastered at the party.

189. Flip side

Meaning: another side

Example: Let’s consider the flip side of the argument.

190. Have it all together

Meaning: feel mental all there.

Example: She seems to have it all together.

191. Just off the boat

Meaning: naive

Example: Fresh off the boat, she seems naive.

192. All-nighter

Meaning: after studying all night.

Example: I stayed up all night, pulling an all-nighter.

193. Scarf

Meaning: ate quickly

Example: He scarfed down his meal in no time.

194. Nut

Meaning: crazy person

Example: That guy’s a complete nut.

195. Bust

Meaning: failure

Example: His plans have suffered a bust.

196. Clip

Meaning: cheat

Example: His car is such a clunker.

197. Cop

Meaning: stole

Example: He cop the wallet from the counter.

198. Cushy

Meaning: easy

Example: Their job is so cushy.

199. Run off at the mouth

Meaning: talking too much

Example: She wouldn’t stop running off at the mouth.

200. Cheesy

Meaning: cheap

Example: Don’t be such a chicken; take a risk!

201. Totaled

Meaning: completely wrecked

Example: His car got totaled in the accident.

202. Gross-out

Meaning: disgusting time

Example: Grab some grub before we leave.

203. Mellow

Meaning: calm down and relax

Example: “Can you help?” “No sweat.”

204. Dough

Meaning: money

Example: Can you lend me some dough?

205. Love handles

Meaning: rolls of fat around my stomach

Example: Those love handles are hard to shed.

206. Go bananas

Meaning: go crazy

Example: The stock market is going down.

207. Cream

Meaning: beat

Example: He’s determined to cream the competition.

208. All wet

Meaning: completely wrong

Example: Your argument is all wet.

209. Couch potato

Meaning: a lazy person

Example: He’s a total couch potato.

210. Party animal

Meaning: love parties

Example: She’s a real party animal.

211. Stressed

Meaning: upset

Example: I’m so stressed about the upcoming exam.

212. Foxy

Meaning: sexy

Example: She’s looking quite foxy in that dress.

213. Hang tough

Meaning: stick with

Example: We need to hang tough through the challenge.

214. Jock

Meaning: an athlete

Example: He’s a dedicated jock on the field.

215. Hyped

Meaning: excited

Example: She’s hyped for the concert.

216. Grand

Meaning: thousand dollars

Example: They found some grass in his backpack.

217. Neat

Meaning: good

Example: That’s a neat trick you’ve got there.

218. Put-on

Meaning: deception

Example: His excuse was just a lame put-on.

219. Peanuts

Meaning: practically no money

Example: I’ve got peanuts in my wallet.

220. Ream someone out

Meaning: got angry with him

Example: The boss really reamed him out today.

221. Gut (stomach)

Meaning: stomach.

Example: I’ve got a pain in my gut.

222. Cut

Meaning: dilute

Example: That song is cut with some new beats.

223. Croak

Meaning: die

Example: Unfortunately, the old computer croaked.

224. Hustle

Meaning: hurry up

Example: Hustle, we’re running late!

225. Pop

Meaning: hit

Example: He threw a pop at the bully.

226. Rap

Meaning: talk about

Example: Let’s rap about our weekend plans.

227. Ammo

Meaning: ammunition

Example: He’s got plenty of ammo for the debate.

228. In deep

Meaning: deeply involved

Example: He’s in deep with the criminal gang.

229. Bummed

Meaning: depressed

Example: I’m feeling really bummed out today.

230. Clunker

Meaning: old car

Example: That car is such a clunker.

231. Cold fish

Meaning: dull

Example: That guy’s a real cold fish.

232. Slammer

Meaning: jail

Example: He landed himself in the slammer.

233. Ace

Meaning: very good

Example: I aced that test; got an ace!

234. Down

Meaning: drink quickly

Example: Let’s all down these shots together.

235. Megabucks

Meaning: a lot of money

Example: The lottery prize is worth megabucks.

236. Laid-back

Meaning: calm and relaxed

Example: He’s so laid-back about everything.

237. Screw up

Meaning: make a mistake

Example: Don’t screw up the presentation!

238. Flip out

Meaning: lost control

Example: Don’t flip out over this; it’s fine.

239. Spook

Meaning: frightened

Example: His ghost stories always make me spooked.

240. Ditch

Meaning: leave

Example: He decided to ditch the party.

241. Flaky

Meaning: unreliable

Example: He’s always been a bit flaky.

242. Bench

Meaning: taken out of the game

Example: He’s been benched for the next game.

243. Rack out

Meaning: Sleep

Example: After a long day, I’m ready to rack out.

244. Drag

Meaning: boring

Example: The party was such a drag.

245. Piece of cake

Meaning: easy to do

Example: Solving this puzzle was a piece of cake.

246. Hooker

Meaning: prostitute

Example: He’s been visiting hookers again.

247. Dynamite

Meaning: powerful; great

Example: The party was such a drag.

248. Loser

Meaning: annoying and useless

Example: Stop being a loser; contribute something.

249. Rug rat

Meaning: Children

Example: The park was filled with energetic rug rats.

250. Groovy

Meaning: pleasant

Example: That movie was pretty gross.

251. Square

Meaning: old-fashioned

Example: His taste in music is a bit square.

252. Kegger

Meaning: beer party

Example: The frat is throwing a kegger tonight.



American Slang Words List with meaning and sentences

American Slang Related to Insults

  1. Jerk: A rude or obnoxious person.
  2. Douchebag: Someone arrogant or self-centered.
  3. Asshole: A highly offensive term for a rude person.
  4. Bitch: A derogatory term for an unpleasant or difficult person.
  5. Dipshit: A foolish or stupid individual.
  6. Loser: Someone perceived as unsuccessful or inept.
  7. Moron: An insulting term for someone unintelligent.
  8. Punk: A person who is disrespectful or rebellious.
  9. Idiot: Someone lacking common sense.
  10. Wanker: A foolish or obnoxious individual (British slang).

Funny American Slang Words

  1. Bamboozle: To confuse or deceive someone in a playful way.
  2. Cattywampus: Askew or awry, often used to describe something that’s out of place.
  3. Gobbledygook: Confusing or nonsensical language.
  4. Lollygag: To dawdle or waste time aimlessly.
  5. Nincompoop: A playful term for a foolish or silly person.
  6. Brouhaha: A noisy and chaotic situation or commotion.
  7. Flibbertigibbet: A frivolous or flighty person who talks a lot.
  8. Hooey: Nonsense or something untrue.
  9. Kerfuffle: A minor disturbance or fuss.
  10. Malarkey: Meaningless talk or nonsense.
  11. Noodle: To think or ponder, often used humorously.
  12. Scooch: To move or adjust slightly.
  13. Snickerdoodle: A type of cookie, also used playfully to refer to a silly person.
  14. Spiffy: Looking sharp or stylish.
  15. Wackadoodle: Someone eccentric or a little crazy.
  16. Whatchamacallit: A term used when you can’t remember or don’t know the name of something.
  17. Yammer: To talk incessantly or loudly.
  18. Zonked: Exhausted or extremely tired.
  19. Giggle water: Slang for alcohol, especially during the Prohibition era.
  20. Gobbledygook: Confusing or complicated language that’s difficult to understand.

Black American Slangs

  1. Fam: Short for “family,” often used to refer to close friends or people you’re close to.
  2. Lit: Used to describe something that’s exciting, cool, or impressive.
  3. On fleek: Something that’s perfectly done or looking great.
  4. Savage: Describes someone who is brutally honest or has an intense attitude.
  5. Dope: Another term for something cool, impressive, or excellent.
  6. Woke: Being aware and conscious of social and political issues.
  7. Sis: A term of endearment used to address a friend or someone you’re close to.
  8. Bae: An affectionate term for a significant other, short for “before anyone else.”
  9. Haterade: Negative attitudes or jealousy directed towards someone’s success.
  10. Lowkey: Doing something subtly or secretly; not drawing attention.
  11. Turn up: To have a good time, party, or enjoy yourself energetically.
  12. Hustle: To work hard, often used to describe someone’s dedication to their goals.
  13. Thirsty: Eager or desperate for attention, often romantically.
  14. Chill: To relax or hang out casually.
  15. Gucci: Everything is good or okay; derived from the luxury brand name.

How To Speak American Slang?

American slang is a collection of informal and colorful expressions that are often used by native English speakers in the United States. If you want to learn how to speak American slang, here are some tips to get you started:

Watch American TV shows and movies: One of the best ways to pick up American slang is by watching American TV shows and movies. Pay attention to the words and phrases that are commonly used by the characters, and try to incorporate them into your own vocabulary.

Listen to American music: American music is full of slang and idiomatic expressions. Listen to different genres of music, and pay attention to the lyrics. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from popular songs.

Read American books and magazines: Reading American books and magazines can also help you to learn American slang. Look for publications that are popular in the United States, and pay attention to the words and phrases that are used.

Interact with native speakers: If you have the opportunity to interact with native speakers of American English, take advantage of it. Ask them to teach you some slang words and phrases, and practice using them in conversation.

Use online resources: There are many online resources that can help you to learn American slang. Look for websites and apps that provide lists of common slang words and phrases, and practice using them in sentences.

Remember, slang is informal and should be used appropriately in the right context. Be mindful of the people you’re speaking with, and make sure you’re using slang that is appropriate for the situation.

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American Slang Words List slang words american slangsAmerican Slang Words List with meaning and sentences

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