20+ Slang for Detective (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Detective Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

A detective is an investigator, often a member of a law enforcement agency, who gathers facts and collects evidence to solve crimes. The term originates from the Latin “de-” meaning “from” and “tectus” meaning “covered,” reflecting the uncovering of hidden information.

Slang For Detective

Slang Words for Detective

  1. Gumshoe – Private investigator or detective.
  2. Flatfoot – Uniformed police officer or patrolman.
  3. Shamus – Slang for a private detective.
  4. Dick – Informal term for a detective.
  5. Snoop – Someone who investigates or spies.
  6. Peeler – Early slang for a police officer.
  7. Peeper – Detective, especially one that observes.
  8. Hawkshaw – Old-time slang for a detective.
  9. Bloodhound – Detective with strong tracking skills.
  10. Sleuth – An investigator or detective.
  11. Fuzz – General slang for the police.
  12. Copper – Slang term for a police officer.
  13. Heat – Law enforcement or police presence.
  14. Fed – Federal agent or investigator.
  15. Narco – Detective specializing in narcotics.
  16. Bulls – Old slang for uniformed police officers.
  17. Tec (short for Detective) – An investigator or detective.
  18. Buttonman – Originally a hitman, sometimes used for detectives.
  19. Private eye – Private detective.
  20. Snout – Informal term for a police informant or detective.

Use of Detective Slang in Example Sentences

  1. That gumshoe has been tailing me all day.
  2. She talked to the flatfoot at the corner.
  3. Hire a shamus if you want answers.
  4. I heard that dick is the best in town.
  5. Don’t snoop around my business.
  6. A peeler stopped him for speeding yesterday.
  7. The peeper saw everything from across the street.
  8. Old man Jenkins used to be a hawkshaw.
  9. Call the bloodhound; he’ll find the evidence.
  10. That sleuth solved the case in a week.
  11. The fuzz showed up at the party.
  12. The copper took down the entire report.
  13. The club closed because of too much heat.
  14. A fed came to ask some questions.
  15. The narco unit busted a huge drug ring.
  16. The bulls took him in for questioning.
  17. I’ve got a meeting with the tec
  18. The buttonman had a lead on the case.
  19. The private eye unveiled the mystery.
  20. A snout tipped off the cops about the heist.

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