20+ Slang for Nothing (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Nothing Mean?

A concept denoting the absence of something. Lacking substance, significance, or value.

Slang For Nothing

Slang Words for Nothing

Here is the list of slang words for Nothing with meanings:

  1. Zilch: Absolutely zero, no existence.
  2. Nada: Spanish term for nothing.
  3. Zip: Zero, lacking anything.
  4. Diddly-squat: Zero, especially of importance.
  5. Nil: Zero, especially in scores.
  6. Squat: Nothing at all.
  7. Bupkis: Nothing, usually in terms of value.
  8. Goose egg: Zero, especially as a score.
  9. Null: Zero, especially in computing.
  10. Duck egg: Absolute zero, nothing.
  11. Void: Complete emptiness, lack of substance.
  12. Zippo: Nothing, especially as a result.
  13. Naught: Zero, especially in older English.
  14. Jack: Nothing at all.
  15. Doughnut: Zero, especially in scores.
  16. Bugger all: Absolutely nothing, often in frustration.
  17. Sweet FA: Polite way to say “nothing at all.”
  18. Zero: Direct synonym for nothing.
  19. Blank: Empty, nothing to show.
  20. Nix: Nothing, zero results.

Use of Nothing Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Nothing:

  1. I found zilch in the old storage room.
  2. She knows nada about the subject.
  3. There’s zip inside the empty box.
  4. We’ve received diddly-squat from the efforts.
  5. The final score was three to nil.
  6. You owe me squat now.
  7. I earned bupkis from that deal.
  8. He got a goose egg on his test.
  9. The result is null for this code.
  10. She sold duck egg at the market today.
  11. The room was void of any furniture.
  12. The search came up zippo.
  13. There’s naught left for us here.
  14. He has jack knowledge about this.
  15. They scored a doughnut in the last round.
  16. There’s bugger all left in the fridge.
  17. I know sweet FA about his plans.
  18. He’s contributed zero to the project.
  19. The page was completely blank.
  20. She found nix during her research.

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