20+ Slang for Everybody (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Everybody Mean?

Everybody refers to every person in a particular group or situation. It is used to signify all individuals without exception.

Slang For Everybody

Slang Words for Everybody

  1. Folks – Family and friends.
  2. Crew – A close-knit group of friends.
  3. Peeps – Short for people, usually friends.
  4. Gang – A group of friends.
  5. Homies – Close friends, often from same neighborhood.
  6. Squad – A close group, usually goal-oriented.
  7. Masses – A large number of people.
  8. Y’all – Informal for “you all.”
  9. Bunch – A group of people.
  10. Posse – A group offering support or friendship.
  11. Mob – A disorganized or large crowd.
  12. Clan – A group related by common interests.
  13. Pals – Friends.
  14. Chaps – British slang for men or people.
  15. Blokes – British slang for men, people.
  16. Dudes – Guys, often used for friends.
  17. Cohort – A group with a common statistical characteristic.
  18. Fam – Short for family; close group of people.
  19. Team – A group working together.
  20. Set – A group of similar things or people.

Use of Everybody Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The whole folks are going camping this weekend.
  2. We and our crew are hitting the beach.
  3. Just chillin’ with my peeps tonight.
  4. The gang is going to the movies.
  5. My homies always have my back.
  6. Our squad is meeting up for practice.
  7. The masses were waiting for the announcement.
  8. Y’all better get ready for the big game.
  9. There’s a new bunch at school.
  10. Rolling with my posse this evening.
  11. The mob took over the streets.
  12. Our gaming clan is top-ranked.
  13. Dinner with the pals was great.
  14. Those chaps over there look interesting.
  15. A couple of blokes are starting a band.
  16. The dudes are going skateboarding.
  17. Our cohort graduated together.
  18. Fam comes first, always.
  19. The team is planning a strategy.
  20. A new set of recruits joined today.

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