20+ Slang for Freezing Cold (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Freezing Cold mean?

Freezing cold” refers to extremely low temperatures that cause a severe sensation of coldness, often leading to discomfort or numbness. It describes a state where the temperature is so frigid that it can cause water to freeze and people to shiver.

Slang For Freezing Cold

Slang Words for Freezing Cold

  1. Brick: Really cold outside.
  2. Chilly: Quite cold.
  3. Nippy: Sharp, biting cold.
  4. Bitter: Extremely cold wind.
  5. Arctic: Extremely cold, icy.
  6. Frosty: Cold with a hint of ice.
  7. Glacial: Super cold, like ice.
  8. Icy: Very cold to the touch.
  9. Baltic: Extremely cold, northern feel.
  10. Frigid: Extremely cold, lacking warmth.
  11. Brrr: Sound made when cold.
  12. Chilled: Lightly cold, cool.
  13. Frozen: Solidly cold, like ice.
  14. Biting: Cold that hurts the skin.
  15. Crisp: Cold but refreshing.
  16. Coolish: On the colder side.
  17. Blizzardy: Snowy and very cold.
  18. Snowed: Covered in cold.
  19. Icebox: Cold as a fridge.
  20. Wintery: Characteristic of winter cold.

Use of Freezing Cold Slang in Example Sentences

  1. It feels so brick outside tonight!
  2. The morning air is quite chilly.
  3. Wear a scarf, it’s nippy today.
  4. The bitter wind cuts through coats.
  5. Feels like the arctic out here!
  6. The grass looks frosty this morning.
  7. The lake seems glacial today.
  8. That drink is too icy for me.
  9. It’s baltic out there, wear layers.
  10. The night was surprisingly frigid.
  11. Brrr, turn up the heat!
  12. The water is a bit chilled.
  13. My fingers are completely frozen.
  14. The biting wind stings my face.
  15. It’s a crisp day for a walk.
  16. It’s a bit coolish in the shade.
  17. It’s feeling blizzardy outside, bundle up.
  18. The mountains are snowed in.
  19. This room is like an icebox!
  20. It’s a wintery evening, isn’t it?

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