30+ Slang for Urinate (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Urinate Mean?

“Urinate” refers to the act of discharging urine from the urinary bladder through the urethra to the outside of the body. It is a natural process to eliminate waste and excess water from the body.

Slang For Urinate

Slang Words for Urinate

Here is the list of slang words for Urinate with meanings:

  1. Pee – Release urine; informal term.
  2. Piddle – Urinate, often trivially or playfully.
  3. Tinkle – Urinating, often a light sound.
  4. Whiz – Quick act of urinating.
  5. Piss – Informal, sometimes crude, urinate.
  6. Leak – Letting out fluid; urinating.
  7. Wizz – Another spelling for whiz; urinate.
  8. Go – Indirect way to say urinate.
  9. Drain – Emptying the bladder; urinating.
  10. Splash – Releasing urine with force.
  11. Sprinkle – Light act of urinating.
  12. Squirt – Quickly releasing a little urine.
  13. Wee – British slang for urinate.
  14. Void – Medical slang; empty bladder.
  15. Drip – Slow, minimal act of urinating.
  16. Water – Releasing liquid, like plants.
  17. Relieve – Easing oneself by urinating.
  18. Pass water – Euphemistic way to urinate.
  19. Download – Playful, tech-inspired slang.
  20. Nature’s call – Responding to bodily urge.
  21. Powder – “Powder one’s nose”; indirect.
  22. Flow – Letting the urine stream.
  23. Wet – Simply making something damp.
  24. Number one – Referring to pee, not poop.
  25. Micturate – Medical term for urinate.
  26. Stream – Continuous flow of urine.
  27. Break – “Taking a break”; restroom use.
  28. Eject – Releasing urine forcibly.
  29. Purge – Clearing out, in this context urine.
  30. Spill – Accidental or purposeful release.

Use of Urinate Slangs in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang term of Urinate:

  1. I need to pee before we leave.
  2. The puppy might piddle on the rug.
  3. Did you hear the tinkle from the restroom?
  4. He took a quick whiz during halftime.
  5. Don’t piss by the side of the road.
  6. I’ve got to take a leak soon.
  7. She ran to wizz before the movie resumed.
  8. Can I go during the next break?
  9. He wanted to drain before the long drive.
  10. The water made her splash in the bushes.
  11. Don’t just sprinkle; wash your hands after!
  12. She took a quick squirt and was back.
  13. Before bedtime, children often wee.
  14. It’s important to void regularly for health.
  15. The faucet seems to drip like a bladder.
  16. Trees water the ground when it rains.
  17. I need to relieve myself, excuse me.
  18. She needed to pass water after the tea.
  19. Time to download after all that drink.
  20. He went outside for nature’s call.
  21. She’s going to powder, she’ll be back.
  22. He felt the flow while laughing hard.
  23. Don’t wet the bed, kiddo!
  24. She’s in for a number one.
  25. It’s common to micturate after drinking coffee.
  26. The coffee made a steady stream necessary.
  27. During the trip, we took a break often.
  28. The pressure made him eject in urgency.
  29. Drinking lots means having to purge more.
  30. Careful or you’ll spill on yourself!

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