20+ Slang for Lie (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Lie Mean?

A “lie” is a deliberate false statement or assertion made with the intent to deceive or mislead others, often causing a distortion of truth or reality. It involves intentionally conveying information that is not accurate or honest.

Slang For Lie

Slang Words for Lie

Here is the list of slang words for Lie with meanings:

  1. Bull: Exaggerated or false talk.
  2. Fib: A small or trivial lie.
  3. Whopper: A big or blatant lie.
  4. S. (Bullshit): Nonsense or deceptive talk.
  5. Tall tale: An exaggerated, unbelievable story.
  6. Stretch: Truth that has been exaggerated.
  7. Yarn: A long, often exaggerated story.
  8. Jive: Deceptive or insincere talk.
  9. Blarney: Flattering or deceptive talk.
  10. Fudge: To alter or manipulate facts.
  11. Poppycock: Nonsense or rubbish talk.
  12. Hogwash: Meaningless or insincere talk.
  13. Bunk: Nonsense or false talk.
  14. Codswallop: Ridiculous or nonsensical talk.
  15. Malarkey: Worthless talk or ideas.
  16. Fluff: Nonsense; empty talk.
  17. Spin: A biased or skewed interpretation.
  18. Fairy tale: An unbelievable or made-up story.
  19. Song and dance: A long, deceptive story.
  20. Snow job: An act of deception or persuasion.

Use of Lie Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Lie:

  1. I knew he was speaking bull when he claimed that achievement.
  2. Don’t give me that fib, be honest.
  3. He told a real whopper about his adventures.
  4. That sounds like pure B.S. to me.
  5. Her story sounded like a tall tale.
  6. That’s quite a stretch of the truth.
  7. Grandpa spun a long yarn about his youth.
  8. Don’t talk jive with me, I know the facts.
  9. His flattery was just blarney to get the job.
  10. I think she might fudge the numbers.
  11. That’s complete poppycock and you know it!
  12. Don’t feed me that hogwash again.
  13. What he said was pure bunk.
  14. I can’t believe he believes that codswallop.
  15. His explanation was pure malarkey.
  16. Her speech was filled with fluff and no substance.
  17. That’s just his spin on the situation.
  18. Their story sounds like a fairy tale.
  19. I don’t need the song and dance, just tell me the truth.
  20. He tried to give her a snow job to win her over.

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