20+ Slang for Navy (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Navy Mean?

“Navy” refers to a nation’s military maritime force, comprising ships, submarines, and personnel, responsible for safeguarding coastal and maritime interests, conducting naval operations, and maintaining security at sea. It plays a vital role in national defense and protection of maritime trade routes.

Slang For Navy

Slang Words for Navy

Here is the list of slang words for Navy with meanings:

  1. Fleet: A group of naval ships.
  2. Squid: A sailor, especially in the US Navy.
  3. Sea Dogs: Experienced sailors or navy veterans.
  4. Boat People: Personnel aboard naval vessels.
  5. Salt: A sailor, often used for experienced ones.
  6. Deck Apes: Sailors responsible for ship maintenance.
  7. Bubbleheads: Submarine crew members.
  8. Swabbie: Another term for a sailor.
  9. Shellback: A sailor who’s crossed the equator.
  10. Anchors: Navy chiefs, based on their insignia.
  11. Gob: A sailor, especially in the British Navy.
  12. Old Man: The captain of a naval vessel.
  13. Puddle Pirates: Informal term for the Coast Guard.
  14. Boats: Short for boatswain’s mates in the navy.
  15. Deep Six: The ocean or sea, often used metaphorically.
  16. Shipmate: Fellow sailor or naval crew member.
  17. Skivvy Waver: Signalman in the Navy.
  18. Rusty: A sailor who’s been out of action.
  19. Nuke: Someone who operates naval nuclear reactors.
  20. Bluejacket: Another term for an enlisted sailor.

Use of Navy Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms for the Navy:

  1. She’s serving on three fleet carriers now.
  2. Jake’s a real squid, been in for 10 years.
  3. Those sea dogs have incredible tales to tell.
  4. The boat people worked tirelessly during the storm.
  5. He’s a true salt, having sailed worldwide.
  6. Deck apes were busy repairing the damage.
  7. I’ve heard bubbleheads have a unique sense of humor.
  8. Met a swabbie who told us amazing stories.
  9. After the ceremony, he became a proud shellback.
  10. Those anchors have a lot of experience.
  11. In the UK, you might hear someone call a sailor a gob.
  12. The old man wants this ship spotless!
  13. Puddle pirates might sound funny, but they’re crucial.
  14. Boats are always the first up and last to rest.
  15. He decided to deep six that old idea.
  16. Sarah’s my shipmate, we trained together.
  17. That skivvy waver is a wizard with flags.
  18. After his long break, Mike feels a bit rusty.
  19. Greg’s a nuke aboard the new submarine.
  20. A bluejacket always stands proud.

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