20+ Slang for Lifting Weights (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Lifting Weights Mean?

“Lifting weights” means engaging in the practice of using resistance, such as dumbbells or barbells, to perform exercises aimed at building muscle strength and endurance. It is a form of physical training commonly associated with strength training and bodybuilding.

Slang For Lifting Weights

Slang Words for Lifting Weights

Here is the list of slang words for Lifting Weights with meanings:

  1. Pumping Iron: Working out with weights.
  2. Getting Swoll: Building muscle through weight training.
  3. Throwing Tin: Lifting metal weights.
  4. Hitting the Stack: Using weight machines for workouts.
  5. Crushing Plates: Lifting heavy weights, usually barbells.
  6. Slinging Steel: Another phrase for lifting weights.
  7. Banging Bars: Engaging in barbell workouts.
  8. Pushing Metal: Weightlifting, especially with barbells.
  9. Grinding Gears: Working hard in the gym, lifting weights.
  10. Flexing Iron: Lifting weights to develop muscle.
  11. Hulking Up: Increasing muscle size with weights.
  12. Gaining Guns: Working on arm muscles through weightlifting.
  13. Waging War: Intense weightlifting session.
  14. Ripping Reps: Doing multiple repetitions with weights.
  15. Stacking Plates: Adding weights for a heavier lift.
  16. Jacking Steel: Lifting weights, focusing on muscle growth.
  17. Hustling Heavies: Engaging in heavy weightlifting.
  18. Muscle Milling: The process of working out to get muscles.
  19. Forge Fitness: Engaging in intense weight training.
  20. Steel Sculpting: Shaping muscles through weightlifting.

Use of Lifting Weights Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Lifting Weights:

  1. After work, he’s always pumping iron at the gym.
  2. Jane’s been getting swoll for the summer.
  3. Every morning, he enjoys throwing tin with his mates.
  4. She’s at the gym, probably hitting the stack right now.
  5. The bodybuilders are crushing plates today!
  6. After a break, he’s back to slinging steel.
  7. Most evenings, you’ll find him banging bars.
  8. She’s always pushing metal to stay fit.
  9. They were grinding gears until midnight at the gym.
  10. He’s serious about flexing iron every day.
  11. He’s been hulking up for the competition next month.
  12. Every week, she’s focused on gaining guns.
  13. During his sessions, he’s always waging war against his limits.
  14. With determination, she’s ripping reps daily.
  15. The champ is stacking plates for a new record.
  16. For him, jacking steel is a passion.
  17. She’s constantly hustling heavies to break her own records.
  18. He’s all about muscle milling for the perfect physique.
  19. At the center, they believe in forge fitness methods.
  20. The artists of the gym are into steel sculpting.

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