20+ Slang for Feet (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Feet Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Feet are the lower extremities of the legs, used for standing, walking, and running. They contain bones, muscles, and various soft tissues, all covered by skin.

Slang For Feet

Slang Words for Feet

  1. Dogs – Tired or sore feet
  2. Stompers – Large, heavy feet
  3. Flippers – Very large feet
  4. Trotters – Feet, often dirty or ungainly
  5. Peds – Feet, derived from ‘pedal extremities’
  6. Wheelies – Feet used for fast movement
  7. Plates – Soles of the feet
  8. Piggies – Toes, especially little toes
  9. Twinkle Toes – Nimble or agile feet
  10. Kicks – Shoes, often stylish or new
  11. Steppers – Feet used for dancing
  12. Barkers – Feet that are causing pain
  13. Treads – Feet, relating to their contact with ground
  14. Thumpers – Heavy feet that make noise when walking
  15. Clodhoppers – Large, clumsy feet
  16. Duckies – Feet turned outward while walking
  17. Hooves – Particularly hard or rough feet
  18. Pedal Pushers – Feet used for cycling
  19. Boaters – Feet, often relating to swimming
  20. Cruisers – Feet used for long-distance walking

Use of Feet Slang in Example Sentences

  1. My dogs are killing me after that hike.
  2. Look at those stompers, they’re huge!
  3. I can’t find shoes big enough for these flippers.
  4. Wash your trotters before you come inside.
  5. Put your peds up and relax for a bit.
  6. Use your wheelies to catch that bus!
  7. I stepped on a nail; my plates are killing me.
  8. Don’t stub your piggies on that rock.
  9. Look at her go, what twinkle toes she has!
  10. Check out my new kicks, they’re fresh!
  11. Those steppers are made for dancing.
  12. My barkers need some serious rest.
  13. Be careful how your treads hit the ground.
  14. Quiet down your thumpers; I’m trying to read.
  15. Watch where you’re going with those clodhoppers.
  16. Your duckies make you waddle when you walk.
  17. After that hike, my hooves are cracked.
  18. You’ll need strong pedal pushers for this bike race.
  19. Keep your boaters moving; we’ve got more laps to swim.
  20. Those cruisers have carried me across the city.

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