20+ Slang for Indian (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Indian mean?

Indian refers to something originating from, characteristic of, or connected with India. It may relate to the people, culture, geography, or other aspects of the country.

Slang For Indian

Slang Words for Indians

Below are some slang words that you can use to sound like a native Indian speaker.

  1. Bhai: Brother or buddy.
  2. Desi: Someone from the Indian subcontinent.
  3. Adda: A hangout spot.
  4. Bindaas: Cool or carefree.
  5. Chillar: Small change or coins.
  6. Funda: Basic principle or concept.
  7. Jugaad: A creative workaround.
  8. KLPD: A letdown or disappointment.
  9. Macha: Buddy or friend.
  10. Nautanki: Drama or attention-seeking behavior.
  11. Paisa: Money or cash.
  12. Rokda: Money or currency.
  13. Tashan: Style or swagger.
  14. Vela: Idle or free.
  15. Wannabe: Pretender or poser.
  16. Yaar: Friend or mate.
  17. Zabardast: Fantastic or awesome.
  18. Chamcha: Flatterer or yes-man.
  19. Dhinchak: Flashy or showy.
  20. Ekdum: Absolutely or totally.

Use of Indian Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I met my old bhai at the mall.
  2. Raj is a true desi at heart.
  3. Let’s meet at our favorite adda.
  4. She’s always so bindaas about everything.
  5. Do you have any chillar for the bus?
  6. I didn’t understand the funda behind it.
  7. He made a jugaad to fix his bike.
  8. The movie was a total KLPD.
  9. Hey macha, long time no see!
  10. Stop the nautanki and be serious.
  11. How much paisa do you have?
  12. He paid a lot of rokda for that watch.
  13. Look at his new car, full tashan.
  14. I’ve been vela all day.
  15. He’s just a wannabe, not the real deal.
  16. Where were you, yaar?
  17. That concert was zabardast!
  18. He’s always been a chamcha of the boss.
  19. Her dress is so dhinchak.
  20. He’s ekdum right about that.

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