20+ Slang for Fake (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Fake Mean?

Fake refers to something or someone that is not genuine, often designed to deceive or impersonate. It is an imitation or counterfeit of the real thing.

Slang For Fake

Slang Words for Fake

  1. Phony: Not real or genuine
  2. Fugazi: Completely fake or false
  3. Sham: A pretentious imitation
  4. Bogus: Not authentic; false
  5. Feigned: Pretended; not sincere
  6. Pseudo: Fake, but appearing real
  7. Hoax: Deliberate deception
  8. Disingenuous: Pretending to be honest
  9. Counterfeit: Imitation to deceive
  10. Forge: Falsely made or copied
  11. Poser: Pretends to be something they’re not
  12. Charlatan: Fake expert or con artist
  13. Quack: Fake medical professional
  14. Knockoff: Cheap imitation of branded items
  15. Wannabe: Aspires to be, but isn’t
  16. Fabricated: Made up; false
  17. Duplicitous: Deceptive in nature
  18. Two-faced: Different selves to different people
  19. Plastic: Fake or insincere personality
  20. Chimera: An illusion or fabrication

Use of Fake Slang in Example Sentences

  1. That guy’s story sounds phony to me.
  2. This jewelry is absolutely fugazi.
  3. She’s just a sham, don’t trust her.
  4. That ticket you bought is bogus.
  5. His apology seemed feigned at best.
  6. That’s just pseudo science, not factual.
  7. They spread a hoax online.
  8. He acted disingenuous during the meeting.
  9. He got caught using a counterfeit bill.
  10. She tried to forge her diploma.
  11. He’s a poser, not a real skater.
  12. She’s a charlatan, not a psychic.
  13. That quack doctor prescribed water for cancer.
  14. She’s wearing a knockoff Gucci bag.
  15. He’s just a wannabe rockstar.
  16. The news was fabricated for clicks.
  17. The politician was duplicitous in his dealings.
  18. She’s two-faced, be careful around her.
  19. He has a plastic smile, can’t trust him.
  20. His promises are just a chimera.

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