20+ Slang for Idiot (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Idiot Mean?

An idiot is an individual who lacks good judgment, common sense, or is foolish. The term is often used as an insult to criticize someone’s intelligence or decision-making.

Slang For Idiot

Slang Words for Idiot

  1. Dunce: Lacking in intelligence.
  2. Airhead: Empty-headed, not smart.
  3. Dimwit: Not bright or sharp.
  4. Dope: Lacks intelligence.
  5. Numbskull: Lacking basic intelligence.
  6. Bonehead: Makes thoughtless mistakes.
  7. Nincompoop: Silly or foolish person.
  8. Doofus: Awkward or clumsy.
  9. Dingbat: Silly or nonsensical.
  10. Dipstick: Not the sharpest tool.
  11. Knucklehead: Hard-headed, foolish.
  12. Twit: Annoyingly silly.
  13. Dolt: Slow thinker.
  14. Dum-dum: Very simple-minded.
  15. Blockhead: Dull-witted.
  16. Muppet: Clueless or inept.
  17. Chowderhead: Thick-headed.
  18. Lamebrain: Lacks reasoning skills.
  19. Goofball: Lightheartedly silly.
  20. Dunderhead: Slow to understand.

Use of Idiot Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He always acts like a dunce in class.
  2. Why are you being such an airhead today?
  3. That was a dimwit move.
  4. Don’t be a dope, think before you act.
  5. I can’t believe the numbskull forgot the keys.
  6. He made a bonehead decision at the meeting.
  7. Can you believe that nincompoop locked himself out?
  8. Only a doofus would spill coffee on a laptop.
  9. She made a dingbat comment during the presentation.
  10. Handing him the paint upside down was a dipstick move.
  11. Why’s that knucklehead trying to microwave foil?
  12. Stop giggling, you’re being a twit.
  13. The dolt doesn’t understand the simplest instructions.
  14. Who’s the dum-dum that left the fridge open?
  15. That blockhead stepped on the same rake twice.
  16. Trusting him was a muppet move.
  17. Don’t listen to the chowderhead, he knows nothing.
  18. Sometimes, he can be such a lamebrain.
  19. She’s always the goofball in the group.
  20. Why’d the dunderhead pour soda into the plant?

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