20+ Slang for Leave (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Leave Mean?

“Leave” refers to the action of departing or moving away from a location, situation, or activity. It also implies giving permission or being permitted to be absent from work, duty, or an obligation for a specific period.

Slang For Leave

Slang Words for Leave

Here is the list of slang words for Leave with meanings:

  1. Bounce – to exit or depart quickly.
  2. Jet – to leave rapidly or immediately.
  3. Dip – to leave abruptly.
  4. Peace out – to say goodbye and leave.
  5. Bolt – to leave suddenly or in haste.
  6. Skedaddle – to run away hurriedly.
  7. Split – to depart or go separate ways.
  8. Bug out – to leave in a hurry.
  9. Duck out – to exit discreetly or quickly.
  10. Bail – to leave, especially abruptly.
  11. Blow – to leave quickly.
  12. Book – to depart quickly.
  13. Haul ass – to leave rapidly, often urgently.
  14. Head out – to start one’s departure.
  15. Cut out – to leave suddenly or quickly.
  16. Vamoose – to leave hurriedly or immediately.
  17. Scram – to go away immediately.
  18. Beat it – to depart quickly or immediately.
  19. Take off – to depart or start a journey.
  20. Rack off – to tell someone to leave or go away.

Use of Leave Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Leave:

  1. We need to bounce before it gets dark.
  2. It’s getting late, I’m gonna jet.
  3. He decided to dip before the party ended.
  4. I’ve got to go, peace out everyone!
  5. She saw the storm and decided to bolt.
  6. The cops are here, time to skedaddle!
  7. We should split before the rain starts.
  8. When the alarm went off, they decided to bug out.
  9. I’ll duck out early from the meeting.
  10. I think I’m gonna bail on this event.
  11. Let’s blow this joint, it’s boring.
  12. We should book before the traffic hits.
  13. Hurry up and haul ass, we’re late!
  14. It’s time to head out, my shift’s over.
  15. He decided to cut out without saying goodbye.
  16. It’s too crowded here, let’s vamoose.
  17. This isn’t our scene, let’s scram.
  18. Don’t like it here? Well, beat it then.
  19. She’s going to take off for New York tomorrow.
  20. Hey, it’s private property, rack off!

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