30+ Slang for Bad Person (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Bad Person Mean?

A “bad person” is someone who consistently engages in morally wrong or harmful behaviors, often intentionally causing negative consequences for others or themselves. The term “bad person” is subjective and can depend on cultural, ethical, and individual perspectives on what constitutes “bad” behavior.

Slang For Bad Person

Slang Words for Bad Person

Here is the list of slang words for Bad Person:

  1. Snake
  2. Rat
  3. Backstabber
  4. Two-faced
  5. Frenemy
  6. Douche
  7. Jerk
  8. Tool
  9. Troll
  10. Hater
  11. Poser
  12. Fake
  13. Player
  14. Scrub
  15. Clown
  16. Punk
  17. Loser
  18. Schemer
  19. Scammer
  20. Gold digger
  21. Hustler
  22. Phony
  23. Lowlife
  24. Dirtbag
  25. Creep
  26. Grifter
  27. Deadbeat
  28. Moocher
  29. Leech
  30. Trickster

Use of Bad Person Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Don’t trust him; he’s a snake.
  2. She felt betrayed by the rat.
  3. He’s known as a backstabber at work.
  4. She’s sweet but very two-faced.
  5. We’re more like frenemies than friends.
  6. That guy’s such a douche.
  7. He was a total jerk at the party.
  8. She’s just a tool for his schemes.
  9. Stop being an online troll.
  10. He’s just a hater; ignore him.
  11. She’s not genuine; she’s a poser.
  12. That story sounds fake to me.
  13. He’s just a player; be cautious.
  14. Don’t hang out with that scrub.
  15. Stop acting like a clown.
  16. That punk took my skateboard!
  17. He’s just a sore loser.
  18. She’s the master schemer in the group.
  19. Beware of online scammers.
  20. She’s a notorious gold digger.
  21. He’s a smooth-talking hustler.
  22. His stories are all phony.
  23. Stay away from that lowlife.
  24. He’s a real dirtbag to his friends.
  25. Why is that creep staring at us?
  26. That grifter took all my money.
  27. She’s dating a total deadbeat.
  28. He’s just a moocher; offers nothing.
  29. She’s been a leech for years.
  30. He’s a skilled trickster; watch out.

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