20+ Slang for Ice (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Ice Mean?

Ice is the solid form of water, resulting from the freezing process. It is commonly found in natural settings like glaciers, as well as in artificially created items like ice cubes.

Slang For Ice

Slang Words for Ice

  1. Bling: Flashy jewelry.
  2. Frost: Cool accessories.
  3. Cubes: Chilled squares.
  4. Crystals: Clear cold pieces.
  5. Glacier: Really big ice.
  6. Rocks: Chunks of cold.
  7. Nuggets: Small ice pieces.
  8. Slush: Melted, soft ice.
  9. Chillers: Cold makers.
  10. Diamonds: Shiny ice-like stones.
  11. Bricks: Large ice blocks.
  12. Chips: Tiny ice pieces.
  13. Flakes: Fragile cold bits.
  14. Crunch: Hard ice texture.
  15. Pops: Icy treats.
  16. Snow: Frozen water particles.
  17. Sherbet: Sweetened ice.
  18. Shards: Pointy ice pieces.
  19. Pellets: Round ice bits.
  20. Icicles: Dangling ice.

Use of Ice Slang in Example Sentences

  1. That necklace has so much bling!
  2. Love the frost on your wrist.
  3. Get some cubes for the drink.
  4. Those crystals look amazing in your cocktail.
  5. That glacier was breathtaking.
  6. I prefer rocks in my whiskey.
  7. Grab some nuggets from the freezer.
  8. Watch out, there’s slush on the ground.
  9. We need more chillers for the party.
  10. She wears diamonds everywhere.
  11. We stored the fish in bricks.
  12. I just need a few chips for my soda.
  13. The ground was covered in flakes.
  14. I love the crunch of fresh ice.
  15. Hand me one of those pops.
  16. It’s going to snow tomorrow.
  17. I’m craving orange sherbet.
  18. The window was covered in shards.
  19. The machine dispenses ice pellets.
  20. Look at those long icicles on the roof.

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