30+ Slang for Slow (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Slow Mean?

“Slow” refers to a reduced or leisurely pace, characterized by a lack of speed or quickness in movement, action, or progress. It indicates a delay or extended duration in completing tasks or achieving outcomes.

Slang For Slow

Slang Words for Slow

Here is the list of slang words for Slow with meanings:

  1. Turtlely – Extremely slow, like a turtle.
  2. Snailish – Moving at a snail’s pace.
  3. Laggy – Slow, with notable delays.
  4. Dawdling – Wasting time, not moving quickly.
  5. Lethargic – Lacking energy, moving slowly.
  6. Molasses-y – Slow as molasses, dragging.
  7. Sluggish – Slow to respond or act.
  8. Crawly – Progressing at a crawling pace.
  9. Tardy – Late or delayed, not on time.
  10. Draggy – Feels like it’s dragging on.
  11. Stallish – Tends to stop or pause frequently.
  12. Slack – Not tight or fast; loose.
  13. Loafy – Lazy or slow, like loafing around.
  14. Dillydally – Wasting time, not deciding promptly.
  15. Lag-behind – Trailing or staying behind.
  16. Mopey – Slow due to sadness or boredom.
  17. Foot-dragging – Procrastinating, not making progress.
  18. Lollygagging – Spending time aimlessly, not hurrying.
  19. Sleepy – Sluggish due to tiredness.
  20. Ploddy – Slow and heavy, trudging along.
  21. Poky – Slow-paced, not moving quickly.
  22. Dopey – Slow due to confusion or grogginess.
  23. Glacial – Extremely slow, like glacier movement.
  24. Sauntering – Walking slowly, leisurely pace.
  25. Doddling – Moving or acting without urgency.
  26. Inert – Lacking the ability to move quickly.
  27. Torpid – Sluggish, inactive, dull.
  28. Snaillike – Resembling a snail’s pace.
  29. Drowsy – Slowed by sleepiness or fatigue.
  30. Mope-around – Slow due to aimless wandering.

Use of Slow Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Slow:

  1. The new software feels so turtlely.
  2. His response was a bit snailish today.
  3. My computer is acting laggy again.
  4. Stop dawdling and make a decision.
  5. After the medicine, he felt lethargic.
  6. This syrup is very molasses-y.
  7. Your phone seems really sluggish lately.
  8. The project’s progress is so crawly.
  9. We were tardy for the morning meeting.
  10. The lecture today was just draggy.
  11. The system updates are a bit stallish.
  12. His progress on tasks has been slack.
  13. During summer, I get a bit loafy.
  14. She tends to dillydally over lunch.
  15. Don’t always lag-behind the others.
  16. He’s feeling mopey after the news.
  17. I hate the foot-dragging in bureaucracy.
  18. She’s always lollygagging after school.
  19. He looks so sleepy after lunch.
  20. The elephant moved in a ploddy manner.
  21. The old car is a bit poky.
  22. I felt so dopey after waking up.
  23. The policy changes are glacial at best.
  24. He was sauntering down the beach.
  25. She’s doddling in the garden again.
  26. The chemical made the reaction inert.
  27. The heat makes me feel torpid.
  28. With that attitude, the progress is snaillike.
  29. I’m feeling drowsy, might take a nap.
  30. Why does he always mope-around the office?

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