20+ Slang for Fool (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Fool Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

A fool is someone who lacks good judgment or discernment, often engaging in unwise behavior. The term may also be used playfully to describe naive or silly actions.

Slang For Fool

Slang Words for Fool

  1. Dunce: Lacking in intelligence or sense.
  2. Nitwit: Not very smart or insightful.
  3. Dope: Slow-witted or easily confused.
  4. Chump: Easily tricked or deceived.
  5. Muppet: Incompetent or foolish person.
  6. Numskull: Lacking intelligence or wisdom.
  7. Airhead: Forgetful, not mentally sharp.
  8. Doofus: Awkward, clumsy, or foolish.
  9. Dimwit: Lacking mental agility or awareness.
  10. Blockhead: Stubbornly foolish; lacking understanding.
  11. Dingbat: Distracted or mildly crazy.
  12. Twit: Lacking common sense; foolish.
  13. Knucklehead: Makes poor decisions; senseless.
  14. Dunderhead: Thick-skulled; not bright.
  15. Cretin: Extremely stupid or inept person.
  16. Dork: Socially awkward; lacking in style.
  17. Clod: Lacking in social grace or finesse.
  18. Buffoon: Ridiculous, ludicrously inept person.
  19. Dullard: Slow to understand; unresponsive.
  20. Bonehead: Makes obvious mistakes; not clever.

Use of Fool Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She aced the test while you’re still a dunce.
  2. Don’t listen to that nitwit; he knows nothing.
  3. He was such a dope, forgot his keys again.
  4. She sold a broken phone to that chump.
  5. Why are you acting like a muppet in the meeting?
  6. Not surprising, coming from a numskull like him.
  7. She’s an airhead, and forgot her own birthday.
  8. Stop being a doofus and tie your shoes.
  9. The dimwit didn’t even read the instructions.
  10. Don’t be a blockhead, follow the signs.
  11. She’s a dingbat, always losing her phone.
  12. Don’t be a twit, think before you speak.
  13. You’re a knucklehead if you think that’s a good idea.
  14. Only a dunderhead would forget that.
  15. The cretin deleted all the important files.
  16. Did he wear that outfit? What a dork.
  17. Why invite that clod to the elegant dinner?
  18. The buffoon spilled his drink all over the papers.
  19. A dullard wouldn’t understand the joke.
  20. Only a bonehead would skip the opportunity.

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