20+ Slang for Hunter (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Hunter Mean?

A hunter is an individual who pursues and captures or kills animals for food, sport, or trade. The term can also refer to someone seeking something intangibly elusive.

Slang For Hunter

Slang Words for Hunter

  1. Stalker – Tracked and sneaks up.
  2. Sniper – Long-distance, precise shooter.
  3. Predator – Actively seeks prey.
  4. Trapper – Sets up snares.
  5. Slinger – Skilled with a slingshot.
  6. Ranger – Expert in woodland hunting.
  7. Harpooner – Uses harpoon, often at sea.
  8. Bushmaster – Skilled in forest hunting.
  9. Pelt-Seeker – Hunts for animal skins.
  10. Quarryman – Focuses on specific prey.
  11. Fowler – Specializes in bird hunting.
  12. Venator – Latin for hunter, sounds elite.
  13. Speargun – Underwater hunter.
  14. Crossbower – Uses crossbow for hunting.
  15. Hawk-Eye – Exceptional eyesight for targeting.
  16. Muzzleloader – Uses old-fashioned firearms.
  17. Falconer – Hunts with trained birds.
  18. Safari King – Hunts in exotic locations.
  19. Poacher – Hunts illegally.
  20. Bowyer – Skilled with a bow.

Use of Hunter Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He’s not just a stalker, he knows the woods.
  2. With a rifle, she’s a real sniper.
  3. The predator had his eyes on the deer.
  4. As a trapper, he uses snares efficiently.
  5. He’s a slinger and proud of it.
  6. She’s a ranger with unmatched skills.
  7. He became a harpooner to conquer the sea.
  8. He’s the bushmaster, no one knows forests better.
  9. She’s a pelt-seeker, after rare animal skins.
  10. As a quarryman, he targets only wild boars.
  11. Being a fowler, he knows bird calls well.
  12. Call him a venator, he loves the prestige.
  13. She’s a speargun when it comes to underwater hunting.
  14. With a crossbower, no prey is safe.
  15. His hawk-eye noticed the hidden fox.
  16. A muzzleloader gives him a vintage thrill.
  17. With his eagle, he’s a skilled falconer.
  18. Ever since Africa, he’s the safari king.
  19. As a poacher, he’s on the wrong side of law.
  20. She’s a bowyer, who can shoot arrows accurately.

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