20+ Slang for Hot Girl (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Hot Girl Mean?

A “hot girl” typically refers to a young woman who is considered physically attractive or sexually appealing. The term may also imply a sense of confidence or allure.

Slang For Hot Girl

Slang Words for Hot Girl

  1. Babe: Young, attractive woman
  2. Bombshell: Strikingly attractive girl
  3. Stunner: Exceptionally beautiful woman
  4. Fox: Sexy, appealing lady
  5. Smoke Show: Visually stunning woman
  6. Hottie: Good-looking, appealing woman
  7. Goddess: Extremely beautiful, divine
  8. Siren: Bewitching, enticing woman
  9. 10: Highest-rated attractiveness
  10. Vixen: Sexy, spirited woman
  11. Dime: Perfect ten in attractiveness
  12. Eye-Candy: Visually pleasing, attractive
  13. Doll: Pretty, almost flawless girl
  14. Baddie: Confident, attractive woman
  15. Queen: Attractive, commanding woman
  16. Knockout: Stunningly attractive woman
  17. Looker: Visually appealing woman
  18. Dish: Very attractive woman
  19. Pin-Up: Idealized, sexy woman
  20. Corker: Exceptionally good-looking girl

Use of Hot Girl Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She’s not just smart, she’s a babe too.
  2. Everyone turned heads; she was a bombshell.
  3. What a stunner! I’m speechless.
  4. That woman is a fox, no doubt.
  5. She walked in like a smoke show.
  6. You’ve got to meet this hottie I know.
  7. With that beauty, she’s a goddess.
  8. She’s a siren you can’t ignore.
  9. She’s an absolute 10, isn’t she?
  10. A vixen like that is hard to forget.
  11. She’s a dime, one in a million.
  12. She’s total eye-candy at this event.
  13. Isn’t she just a perfect doll?
  14. That baddie knows how to turn heads.
  15. The queen of beauty is here.
  16. One word for her: a knockout.
  17. She’s definitely a looker, agreed?
  18. What a dish she is!
  19. She could be a pin-up model.
  20. Wow, she’s an absolute corker.

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