20+ Slang for Lucky (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Lucky Mean?

“Lucky” refers to being favored by chance or circumstances, resulting in positive outcomes or favorable events. It implies a sense of good fortune or serendipity.

Slang For Lucky

Slang Words for Lucky

Here is the list of slang words for Lucky with meanings:

  1. Jammy: Fortunate without effort or skill.
  2. Golden: Exceptionally favorable or opportune.
  3. Blessed: Favored, as if by divine intervention.
  4. Charm: Having an especially good outcome or luck.
  5. Streak: A continuous run of good luck.
  6. Fly: Unexpectedly successful or fortunate.
  7. Horseshoe: Carrying luck, often silently.
  8. Fluke: Achieved by chance rather than skill.
  9. Midas touch: Everything one does becomes successful.
  10. Windfall: Unexpected and fortunate occurrence.
  11. Charmed: Seemingly immune to misfortune.
  12. Kismet: Fate or destiny in a favorable way.
  13. Sick: Extremely good or impressive.
  14. Bank: Fortuitous, especially in gaining wealth.
  15. Roll: Experiencing a prolonged period of luck.
  16. Score: To win or succeed in something.
  17. Touch: An ability to succeed or prosper.
  18. Dope: Very good, awesome, or lucky.
  19. Lush: Rich or luxurious; fortunate.
  20. Ace: Mastering a situation; top-notch.

Use of Lucky Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Lucky:

  1. I can’t believe how jammy you were with that raffle!
  2. That last-minute goal was absolutely golden.
  3. He’s been blessed with such talent.
  4. With that surprise promotion, she’s really charm.
  5. He’s on a winning streak this month.
  6. That trick shot was so fly.
  7. Ever since he found that coin, he’s been horseshoe.
  8. That hole-in-one was a total fluke.
  9. Everything she touches is Midas touch.
  10. That inheritance was such a windfall for them.
  11. She leads a charmed life, always avoiding trouble.
  12. It’s pure kismet they met at that concert.
  13. That game-winning catch was sick!
  14. He made a huge bank in the stock market last week.
  15. She’s on a roll with all these wins.
  16. Did you hear? He managed to score front row tickets!
  17. Everything he invests in has the golden touch.
  18. That shot was dope.
  19. That vacation spot looks absolutely lush.
  20. He played that hand like an ace.

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