20+ Slang for Hungry (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What do Hungry mean?

Experiencing a strong desire for food due to a lack of nourishment. It can also signify a deep yearning or craving for something beyond just food, such as success or love.

Slang For Hungry

Slang Words for Hungry

  1. Starving – Extremely hungry.
  2. Famished – Needing food badly.
  3. Peckish – Slightly hungry.
  4. Ravenous – Desperate for food.
  5. Hangry – Angry because hungry.
  6. Munchy – Eager to snack.
  7. Grubbin’ – Wanting to eat.
  8. Hankering – Craving food.
  9. Chomping – Ready to eat.
  10. Hollow – Empty stomach.
  11. Pangy – Feeling hunger pangs.
  12. Gnawing – Persistent hunger.
  13. Noshful – Ready for a nosh.
  14. Chowish – In mood for chow.
  15. Snackish – Wanting a snack.
  16. Feedish – Craving substantial food.
  17. Nibbly – Wanting to nibble.
  18. Fasting – Opposite, but means hungry.
  19. Cravy – Craving specific food.
  20. Growly – Stomach making noises.

Use of Hungry Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’m starving, let’s eat now!
  2. We need to eat, I’m famished.
  3. I’m a bit peckish, got an apple?
  4. She’s ravenous after the workout.
  5. Don’t make me hangry, let’s eat!
  6. I’m feeling munchy, any chips?
  7. Are you grubbin’ for some BBQ?
  8. I’ve got a hankering for sushi.
  9. He’s chomping at the bit for dinner.
  10. My stomach’s hollow, need food!
  11. I’m pangy, give me something.
  12. There’s a gnawing hunger inside me.
  13. I’m noshful, let’s have a bite.
  14. I’m so chowish right now, man.
  15. I’m feeling snackish, any cookies?
  16. I’m feedish, need a big meal.
  17. I’m just nibbly, a few grapes?
  18. After fasting, you’d be fasting and want to eat.
  19. I’m cravy for some chocolate.
  20. My stomach’s growly, let’s eat!

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