30+ Slang for Purse (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Purse Mean?

A purse is a small, usually handheld bag, often made of leather or fabric, used to carry personal items like money, keys, and cosmetics. It is commonly used by individuals, especially women, to organize and transport essential belongings.

Slang For Purse

Slang Words for Purse

Here is the list of slang words for Purse with meanings:

  1. Bag – General term for a purse.
  2. Satchel – A bag with a shoulder strap.
  3. Clutch – Small hand-held purse.
  4. Tote – Large bag for carrying things.
  5. Hobo – Crescent-shaped shoulder bag.
  6. Pouch – Small bag, often drawstring.
  7. Wallet – Small flat case for money.
  8. Handbag – General term for ladies’ purse.
  9. Sling – Bag worn across one shoulder.
  10. Bucket – Bag shaped like a bucket.
  11. Knapsack – Backpack; bag carried on back.
  12. Wristlet – Small purse with wrist strap.
  13. Crossbody – Bag with long strap across body.
  14. Backpack – Bag carried on both shoulders.
  15. Carryall – Large bag for many items.
  16. Purse – Small bag for money, general term.
  17. Holdall – Large bag for traveling.
  18. Minaudière – Ornamental clutch for evening.
  19. Envelope – Flat, envelope-shaped bag.
  20. Duffel – Large cylindrical bag for travel.
  21. Briefcase – Flat, rectangular bag for documents.
  22. Messenger – Bag with a long crossbody strap.
  23. Pocketbook – Small book-sized bag.
  24. Bumbag – Bag worn around the waist.
  25. Saddlebag – Bag resembling a horse saddle.
  26. Pannier – Basket, especially on bicycle sides.
  27. Quiver – Bag for holding arrows.
  28. Rucksack – Another term for a backpack.
  29. Shoulder-bag – Bag hung from the shoulder.
  30. Pack – General term for backpack.

Use of Purse Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of Purse :

  1. I just bought a new bag from Gucci.
  2. She carries her laptop in that satchel.
  3. Evening gowns go well with a clutch.
  4. She has a tote full of groceries.
  5. The leather hobo looks really chic.
  6. He keeps his coins in that pouch.
  7. My wallet has photos of my kids.
  8. Her handbag collection is impressive.
  9. The sling bag suits his casual look.
  10. That’s a unique leather bucket bag.
  11. She uses a knapsack for hiking.
  12. My mom loves her new wristlet.
  13. I prefer a crossbody for traveling.
  14. Kids need a sturdy backpack for school.
  15. The carryall is perfect for weekend trips.
  16. Could you pass my purse, please?
  17. We packed two holdalls for our trip.
  18. The diamond-studded minaudière was stunning.
  19. I’ve got important letters in my envelope bag.
  20. I use a duffel for gym sessions.
  21. His leather briefcase is truly professional.
  22. Couriers often use a messenger bag.
  23. She jotted notes in her pocketbook.
  24. Tourists love the convenience of a bumbag.
  25. That saddlebag suits her vintage bike.
  26. Bikers often use panniers for storage.
  27. That archer has a beautifully crafted quiver.
  28. He’s packing his rucksack for the mountains.
  29. That shoulder-bag complements her outfit.
  30. I’m bringing my pack for the long trek.

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