20+ Slang for Luxury (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Luxury Mean?

An indulgence or comfort beyond basic necessities; opulence or extravagance in living standards.

Slang For Luxury

Slang Words for Luxury

Here is the list of slang words for Luxury with meanings:

  1. Bougie: High-end or fancy; derived from the bourgeoisie.
  2. Swanky: Fashionably luxurious or elegant.
  3. Plush: Rich, lavish, or luxuriant.
  4. Ritzy: Elegantly stylish or fashionable.
  5. Lush: Luxurious or expensive.
  6. Lavish: Extravagantly rich or luxurious.
  7. Posh: Stylishly luxurious or elegant.
  8. Decked out: Adorned or equipped lavishly.
  9. High-roller: Someone who spends lavishly.
  10. Fly: Extremely good or attractive.
  11. Glam: Full of glamour or excitement.
  12. Flossy: Flashy, ostentatious, or showy.
  13. Gilded: Richly luxurious or opulent.
  14. Tight: Extremely good or impressive.
  15. Slick: Smooth, glossy, and sophisticated.
  16. Opulent: Rich and lavish in appearance.
  17. Fancy: Sophisticated or elegant.
  18. Dope: Very good or stylish.
  19. Snazzy: Stylishly and attractively fashionable.
  20. Ballin’: Living in luxury, affluent.

Use of Luxury Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Luxury:

  1. Her bougie taste is evident in her wardrobe.
  2. He lives in a swanky penthouse downtown.
  3. The hotel room was plush and comfortable.
  4. That restaurant is too ritzy for my taste.
  5. She prefers a lush lifestyle over simplicity.
  6. They threw a lavish party last weekend.
  7. The posh area of town has upscale boutiques.
  8. His car is fully decked out with custom features.
  9. He’s known as the local high-roller at the casino.
  10. That new jacket looks really fly on him.
  11. The event was full of glam and glitter.
  12. Her flossy watch caught everyone’s attention.
  13. The gilded decor makes the place look royal.
  14. Your performance last night was tight!
  15. The presentation was slick and professional.
  16. The mansion’s opulent interiors were breathtaking.
  17. She ordered the most fancy dish on the menu.
  18. The artwork in that gallery is straight-up dope.
  19. He’s got a snazzy new pair of shoes.
  20. With that big contract, he’s now ballin’.

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