20+ Slang for Cold Weather (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Cold weather mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Cold weather refers to conditions where the temperature is low, often causing discomfort or requiring protective clothing. The term “cold” originates from Old English “cald,” describing a lack of heat or warmth.

Slang For Cold Weather

Slang Words for Cold weather

  1. Brrr: Very cold feeling or weather.
  2. Icy: Extremely cold, like ice.
  3. Chilly: Mildly cold temperature.
  4. Frosty: Cold with possible frost.
  5. Nippy: Quick, biting cold.
  6. Arctic: Extremely cold, polar-like.
  7. Frozen: Extremely cold, ice-like.
  8. Glacial: Cold and slow-moving.
  9. Crisp: Cool, clear, and refreshing.
  10. Biting: Sharply cold.
  11. Blustery: Cold with strong winds.
  12. Parka: Extremely cold weather.
  13. Sub-zero: Below freezing point.
  14. Wintery: Typical of winter coldness.
  15. Brisk: Cold but invigorating.
  16. Snowed: Covered or overwhelmed with cold.
  17. Coolish: Slightly cold.
  18. Frigid: Intensely cold.
  19. Baltic: Very cold, especially in UK slang.
  20. Icebox: Extremely cold space.

Use of Cold Weather Slang in Example Sentences

  1. It’s so brrr outside, grab your coat!
  2. The lake looks completely icy today.
  3. This morning feels particularly chilly.
  4. The window has a frosty layer on it.
  5. The wind is especially nippy today.
  6. It feels almost arctic outside!
  7. The ground seems absolutely frozen.
  8. His response was rather glacial.
  9. The air is so crisp and refreshing.
  10. This biting cold cuts through everything.
  11. It’s a blustery day, so bundle up!
  12. You’ll need a parka for this weather.
  13. With these sub-zero temperatures, stay indoors.
  14. The roads look very wintery now.
  15. I love a brisk morning jog.
  16. I feel snowed under with this cold.
  17. It’s a bit coolish, isn’t it?
  18. The night was utterly frigid.
  19. Feels rather baltic out, doesn’t it?
  20. This room’s an absolute icebox.

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