30+ Slang for Thief (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Thief Mean?

A “thief” is a person who steals another person’s property without permission or legal rights. They typically do so with the intent of keeping it or selling it.

Slang For Thief

Slang Words for Thief

Here is the list of slang words for Thief with meanings:

  1. Burglar: Person breaking into homes.
  2. Robber: Takes property by force.
  3. Swindler: Deceives to steal money.
  4. Mugger: Attacks and steals outdoors.
  5. Shoplifter: Steals from retail stores.
  6. Pickpocket: Steals from personal pockets.
  7. Grifter: Cons people skillfully.
  8. Hustler: Deceives for personal gain.
  9. Scammer: Uses tricks to defraud.
  10. Rip-off artist: Charges excessively or cheats.
  11. Con artist: Manipulates to gain dishonestly.
  12. Bandit: Typically robs travelers.
  13. Pilferer: Steals in small amounts.
  14. Looter: Steals during chaos.
  15. Racketeer: Engages in illegal business activities.
  16. Pirate: Robs at sea.
  17. Snatcher: Grabs things quickly.
  18. Poacher: Illegally hunts or fishes.
  19. Booster: Shoplifts for resale.
  20. Heister: Engages in armed robbery.
  21. Sticky fingers: Person inclined to steal.
  22. Thug: Engages in violent crime.
  23. Highwayman: Robs travelers on roads.
  24. Fraudster: Achieves through deceit.
  25. Nicker: Petty thief.
  26. Goon: Often muscle for criminals.
  27. Scrounger: Takes without permission.
  28. Fence: Buys and sells stolen goods.
  29. Cat burglar: Steals without detection.
  30. Rustler: Steals livestock.

Use of Thief Slangs in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Thief:

  1. He was a burglar, known for night jobs.
  2. A masked robber took all their cash.
  3. She’s a cunning swindler, duping many victims.
  4. Late at night, a mugger approached her.
  5. She was caught as a shoplifter yesterday.
  6. A pickpocket emptied his wallet at the fair.
  7. He’s a grifter with charming tactics.
  8. He’s a smooth hustler in card games.
  9. Many elders fall for scammer phone calls.
  10. He’s a rip-off artist, overcharging everyone.
  11. She’s a con artist, always scheming.
  12. Desert caravans feared the desert bandit.
  13. Kids would pilfer candies from the store.
  14. During the riot, looters emptied shops.
  15. He became rich as a racketeer.
  16. The pirate looted the merchant ship.
  17. He’s a snatcher, stealing phones mainly.
  18. The poacher was caught with rare birds.
  19. She works as a booster for a gang.
  20. The bank was hit by a heister.
  21. Kids with sticky fingers were watched closely.
  22. A thug attacked him in the alley.
  23. Travelers told tales of a ghostly highwayman.
  24. The fraudster faked his credentials.
  25. In the market, a nicker took my apple.
  26. The mob boss sent his goon after him.
  27. He’s a scrounger, always borrowing stuff.
  28. He sold stolen goods to a fence.
  29. The museum lost a gem to a cat burglar.
  30. Cattle rustlers are a menace here.

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