20+ Slang for Chicken (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Chicken Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Chicken is a domesticated bird commonly raised for meat and eggs; the term can also refer to a person who is easily frightened. Its origin stems from Old English “cycen.”

Slang For Chicken

Slang Words for Chicken

  1. Bird – Another name for chicken.
  2. Clucker – Domestic hen.
  3. Broiler – Young chicken for roasting.
  4. Rooster – Adult male chicken.
  5. Chook – Australian/New Zealand term for chicken.
  6. Biddy – A young chick.
  7. Cockerel – Young male chicken.
  8. Hen – Adult female chicken.
  9. Pullet – Young female chicken.
  10. Springer – Very young chicken.
  11. Capons – Castrated rooster.
  12. Nugget – Informal term for small chicken, or small piece of chicken meat.
  13. Gamecock – Rooster for fighting.
  14. Fryer – Chicken suitable for frying.
  15. Chick – Very young chicken.
  16. Featherhead – Silly or clueless person; can also imply chicken.
  17. Egg-layer – Chicken kept for laying.
  18. Bantam – Small variety of chicken.
  19. Free-ranger – Chicken allowed to roam.
  20. Battery hen – Cage-raised chicken.

Use of Chicken Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She bought a bird for dinner tonight.
  2. That loud clucker woke me up early.
  3. I prefer a broiler for our barbecue.
  4. The rooster crowed at the break of dawn.
  5. Grab a chook for the family meal.
  6. She’s caring for a small biddy now.
  7. That young cockerel is quite aggressive.
  8. The hen laid fresh eggs today.
  9. The farm sells young pullets every spring.
  10. Mom bought a springer for the soup.
  11. Some chefs prefer using capons for certain dishes.
  12. Kids love eating chicken nuggets.
  13. He raises a gamecock for local competitions.
  14. The fryer is perfect for our dinner.
  15. The chick hatched from its egg yesterday.
  16. Stop acting like a featherhead and think.
  17. That egg-layer produces daily for us.
  18. I have a bantam in my backyard.
  19. It’s a free-ranger, so it tastes better.
  20. Avoid buying eggs from battery hens.

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