20+ Slang for Communist (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Communist Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Communism is a political and economic ideology advocating for a classless society where the means of production are owned collectively. Originating from Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ 19th-century works, it opposes capitalist structures.

Slang For Communist

Slang Words for Communist

  1. Red: Communist, especially during the Cold War.
  2. Bolshie: Derived from Bolshevik; a Communist.
  3. Comrade: Fellow member of the Communist Party.
  4. Pinko: Mildly communist or socialist-leaning.
  5. Leftie: Someone with left-wing, often communist, views.
  6. Che: Referring to Che Guevara; a communist revolutionary.
  7. Hammer: Symbolic of communism, from the hammer and sickle.
  8. Sickle: Second half of the Communist symbol.
  9. Marxie: Derived from Karl Marx, founder of Marxist theory.
  10. Stalinist: A follower of Joseph Stalin’s version of communism.
  11. Maoist: A follower of Mao Zedong’s teachings.
  12. Red star: Symbol often associated with communism.
  13. Trotskyite: A follower of Leon Trotsky, a rival to Stalin.
  14. Leninist: Follower of Vladimir Lenin’s principles.
  15. Cadre: A dedicated communist, often in a leadership role.
  16. Prole: Short for the proletariat, the working class in Marxist theory.
  17. Party man: Loyal member of the Communist Party.
  18. Ruskie: Often used to refer to Russians, especially during the Cold War.
  19. Five-year: Referring to Stalin’s Five-Year Plans.
  20. Collective: Reference to communal farms or enterprises in communist states.

Use of Communist Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’ve heard he’s a bit of a Red these days.
  2. Stop being such a Bolshie about the decision.
  3. That’s something a Comrade would say.
  4. His policies are a tad Pinko if you ask me.
  5. She’s been hanging out with the Lefties lately.
  6. He has a Che tattoo on his arm.
  7. His ideology is as strong as a Hammer.
  8. She wears a Sickle necklace proudly.
  9. He’s reading all about the Marxie theories.
  10. I don’t trust the Stalinist approach.
  11. There’s a Maoist group meeting downtown.
  12. He wore a Red star badge on his jacket.
  13. The group was accused of Trotskyite beliefs.
  14. Their manifesto seems Leninist in nature.
  15. She’s a well-respected Cadre in the party.
  16. The book speaks for the Prole perspective.
  17. He’s always been a dedicated Party man.
  18. Some old Ruskie songs are really catchy.
  19. They’re implementing a Five-year plan for growth.
  20. The village was transformed into a Collective enterprise.

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