20+ Slang for Computer (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Computer Mean?

An electronic device designed to process data, perform calculations, and execute tasks based on programmed instructions.

Slang For Computer

Slang Words for Computer

  1. Rig: A computer setup, often for gaming.
  2. Box: A computer’s main unit or case.
  3. Mouse potato: Frequent computer user.
  4. Code monkey: Software programmer.
  5. Brain: The central processing unit (CPU).
  6. Terminal: Old-school computer or workstation.
  7. Beast: A powerful computer system.
  8. Potato: A slow, outdated computer.
  9. Comp: Short for computer.
  10. Mainframe: Large, powerful computer system.
  11. Whizbox: A very smart or fast computer.
  12. Dino: Old, ancient computer model.
  13. Netbook: Small, lightweight laptop.
  14. PC: Personal computer.
  15. Server: Computer that provides data/resources.
  16. Tower: The vertical computer case.
  17. Deck: Cyberpunk term for computer.
  18. Mac: A computer from Apple Inc.
  19. Workstation: High-performance computer for tasks.
  20. Lappy: Informal for laptop.
  21. Notebook: Another term for laptop.
  22. Tech-brick: Bulky, heavy computer.

Use of Computer Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I upgraded my rig last month.
  2. Your box is making strange noises.
  3. Sarah is a real mouse potato these days.
  4. Tim is a talented code monkey.
  5. Overclocking the brain might cause heating issues.
  6. I found an old terminal in the basement.
  7. That gaming setup is a total beast!
  8. My old potato can’t run new software.
  9. Is your comp running the latest OS?
  10. Huge businesses still rely on mainframes.
  11. That AI-based whizbox solved it instantly!
  12. My dad’s dino still uses floppy disks.
  13. I just bought a new netbook for traveling.
  14. My PC needs a memory upgrade.
  15. The website’s server is down.
  16. I prefer a compact tower for aesthetics.
  17. In the novel, hackers used a deck.
  18. I’m thinking of switching to a Mac.
  19. This animation software requires a workstation.
  20. My lappy battery lasts all day.
  21. Is that a new notebook model?
  22. I can’t carry this tech-brick everywhere.

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