20+ Slang for Booty (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Booty Mean?

Booty refers to a slang term for buttocks or the rear end of a person. Its origin traces back to Middle English and Old English, evolving from words like “bot” or “bott” which meant a “hollow place” or “hindquarters.”

Slang For Booty

Slang Words for Booty

  1. Buns – Buttocks.
  2. Derriere – Rear end.
  3. Tush – Backside.
  4. Rump – Posterior.
  5. Badonkadonk – Large buttocks.
  6. Peaches – Buttocks.
  7. Backside – Rear area.
  8. Bootylicious – Attractive buttocks.
  9. Caboose – Rear end.
  10. Junk in the Trunk – Curvy buttocks.
  11. Hiney – Buttocks.
  12. Assets – Valuable backside.
  13. Tushie – Bottom.
  14. Rear – Backside.
  15. Botty – Buttocks.
  16. Rearview – Backside.
  17. Tukhus – Derriere.
  18. Tushy – Bottom.
  19. Posterior – Backside.
  20. Bootyliciousness – Appealing buttocks.

Use of Booty Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She wore jeans that highlighted her buns.
  2. He did squats to tone his derriere.
  3. She sat on her tush all day.
  4. His rump was sore from the fall.
  5. That song celebrates the badonkadonk.
  6. Those shorts show off her peaches.
  7. She turned, showing her backside to me.
  8. That workout gives a bootylicious result.
  9. He laughed, patting his caboose.
  10. She’s proud of the junk in the trunk.
  11. Kids often say “I fell on my hiney.”
  12. With squats, she enhanced her assets.
  13. He got a bruise on his tushie.
  14. The chair was hard on my rear.
  15. Kids giggled, pointing at the botty drawing.
  16. Sunglasses hid her eyes but not her rearview.
  17. After sitting long, his tukhus was numb.
  18. The baby’s tushy needs a new diaper.
  19. He injured his posterior during the game.
  20. The dance showcased her bootyliciousness on stage.

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