30+ Slang for Virgin (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Virgin Mean?

“Virgin” primarily refers to someone who has not engaged in sexual intercourse. It can also denote purity or something in its original, untouched state.

Slang For Virgin

Slang Words for Virgin

Here is the list of slang words for Virgin with meanings:

  1. Green – inexperienced, new to something.
  2. Noob – newcomer, often in gaming.
  3. Rookie – someone new to a profession.
  4. Freshman – first-year student or newbie.
  5. Neophyte – a person new to a subject.
  6. Newbie – someone new or inexperienced.
  7. Novice – beginner, not yet expert.
  8. Tenderfoot – inexperienced person, often outdoors.
  9. Virgin – one who hasn’t had intercourse.
  10. Untouched – not experienced or used.
  11. Raw – inexperienced or new.
  12. Greenhorn – an untrained or inexperienced person.
  13. Initiate – someone new to a group/activity.
  14. Tyro – beginner or novice.
  15. FNG – “Freaking New Guy”; military slang.
  16. Plebe – beginner, especially in a school.
  17. Fresher – new student, especially in UK.
  18. Start-up – new business or endeavor.
  19. First-timer – someone doing something for the first time.
  20. Cherry – inexperienced or fresh.
  21. New kid – newest person in a group.
  22. Probationer – someone on trial or new.
  23. Seedling – someone or something young/new.
  24. Beginner – someone starting a new activity.
  25. Learner – one who’s learning or new.
  26. Padawan – learner, from Star Wars.
  27. Pupil – one being taught or new.
  28. Apprentice – someone learning a trade.
  29. Entry-level – starting position or phase.
  30. Trainee – person in training or new.

Use of Virgin Slangs in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of Virgin:

  1. He’s so green at playing the guitar.
  2. I felt like a noob in that game.
  3. She’s the rookie on the basketball team.
  4. Tim is a freshman at the university.
  5. As a neophyte in yoga, he struggled.
  6. The software is confusing for newbies.
  7. She’s a novice but has potential.
  8. He’s a tenderfoot in the hiking community.
  9. He admitted he’s still a virgin.
  10. That jacket is brand new and untouched.
  11. His skills are raw but promising.
  12. Don’t underestimate that greenhorn; he’s learning fast.
  13. As an initiate, she followed the rituals.
  14. He’s a tyro in the culinary world.
  15. The FNG needs more training sessions.
  16. He’s just a plebe in military school.
  17. The fresher week at college is hectic.
  18. Their start-up got significant venture capital funding.
  19. She’s a first-timer at the marathon.
  20. The car’s paint is still cherry.
  21. He’s the new kid in our team.
  22. The probationer got feedback every week.
  23. The seedling needs more sunlight to grow.
  24. Even as a beginner, she showed talent.
  25. The learner driver needs constant supervision.
  26. The young padawan seeks Jedi training.
  27. The math tutor helped the pupil.
  28. The apprentice learned from the master blacksmith.
  29. It’s an entry-level position with potential.
  30. The trainee will soon become a manager.

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