20+ Slang for Fabulous (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Fabulous Mean?

Fabulous refers to something extraordinary, amazing, or highly commendable. It often denotes an extreme degree of quality, beauty, or skill.

Slang For Fabulous

Slang Words for Fabulous

  1. Lit – Really cool or amazing
  2. Dope – Extremely good, impressive
  3. Sick – Exceptionally cool or great
  4. Fire – Excellent, of the highest quality
  5. On Fleek – Perfectly executed or styled
  6. Rad – Awesome, fantastic
  7. Stellar – Outstanding or impressive
  8. Bangin’ – Very attractive or great
  9. Poppin’ – Vibrant, exciting, or popular
  10. Da Bomb – The absolute best, unbeatable
  11. Savage – Very cool or hardcore
  12. Epic – Extremely impressive or grand
  13. Wicked – Exceptionally good or exciting
  14. Ace – Excellent or outstanding
  15. Gucci – Good or excellent
  16. Lush – Luxurious or excellent
  17. Prime – Of the highest quality
  18. Legit – Truly excellent or impressive
  19. Fly – Very cool or stylish
  20. Crackin’ – Lively, exciting, or awesome

Use of Fabulous Slang in Example Sentences

  1. This party is absolutely lit, don’t miss it!
  2. That movie was dope, you have to watch it.
  3. The concert was so sick, I can’t even.
  4. Your new shoes are fire, where’d you get them?
  5. Her makeup is on fleek today, as always.
  6. The skateboard trick he did was rad.
  7. The view from this mountain is stellar.
  8. The food at this restaurant is bangin’.
  9. The city at night is always poppin’.
  10. This new video game is da bomb.
  11. The way she handled that situation was savage.
  12. That comeback was totally epic.
  13. The rollercoaster was wicked fun!
  14. Your new haircut looks ace, man.
  15. The vacation was absolutely Gucci.
  16. The hotel room was so lush, I loved it.
  17. That steak was prime, the best I’ve ever had.
  18. The performance was legit one of the best.
  19. Your outfit is so fly, where’d you get it?
  20. The party was absolutely crackin’, you missed out.

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