20 Slang for Cute Baby (2024)

What does Cute Baby Mean?

A “cute baby” refers to an infant or very young child who is considered endearing, adorable, or charming. The term is often used to describe physical features, like big eyes and chubby cheeks, as well as personality traits like playfulness or innocence.

Slang For Cute Baby

Slang Words for Cute Baby

  1. Cherub – A baby that looks angelic.
  2. Snugglebug – A baby who loves to cuddle.
  3. Munchkin – A small, adorable baby.
  4. Peanut – A term for a tiny and cute baby.
  5. Button – A baby who is as cute as a button.
  6. Goober – A silly, yet adorable baby.
  7. Tater Tot – A small and adorable baby.
  8. Squish – A baby who’s chubby and cuddly.
  9. Beanie – A small, snugly baby.
  10. Poppet – A British term for a cute baby.
  11. Cub – A baby that’s cute like a young animal.
  12. Smidge – A tiny, cute baby.
  13. Boo – A baby that’s endearing and loved.
  14. Bug – A baby who is irresistibly cute.
  15. Lamb – A gentle and sweet baby.
  16. Bub – An Australian term for a baby.
  17. Pumpkin – A term for an adorable, round baby.
  18. Sweetpea – A baby that is sweet and precious.
  19. Binky – A baby that’s as comforting as a pacifier.
  20. Sprite – A lively and cute baby.

Use of Cute Baby Slang in Example Sentences

  1. That cherub has the sweetest smile!
  2. She’s such a snugglebug right after a nap.
  3. Look at that munchkin giggling!
  4. He’s a little peanut, so tiny and cute.
  5. Isn’t she as cute as a button?
  6. What a goober, always making funny faces!
  7. He’s a real tater tot, small and cute.
  8. I just want to squeeze that squish!
  9. Your beanie is so snugly wrapped!
  10. Isn’t that poppet just delightful?
  11. She’s a real cub, cute like a lion’s cub.
  12. What a smidge of a baby, so tiny!
  13. I just adore that little boo.
  14. She’s such a little bug, I can’t resist her!
  15. Your baby is as gentle as a lamb.
  16. Isn’t he a lovely bub?
  17. Wow, what a cute little pumpkin!
  18. She’s my little sweetpea, so precious.
  19. Your binky just calms the room down.
  20. He’s a sprite, so lively and adorable!

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