20+ Slang for Food (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Food Mean?

Food is any nutritious substance consumed to maintain life and growth. It provides energy and sustenance to organisms.

Slang For Food

Slang Words for Food

  1. Grub – Informal term for food.
  2. Eats – General reference to food.
  3. Nosh – Snack or light meal.
  4. Chow – General term for food.
  5. Munchies – Snacks, often when craving.
  6. Bites – Small portions of food.
  7. Tucker – Australian term for food.
  8. Scoff – To eat quickly or greedily.
  9. Vittles – Old term, means provisions.
  10. Nom-noms – Tasty food or snacks.
  11. Grindage – Food, from surfer slang.
  12. Chomp – Act of eating.
  13. Scran – British slang for food.
  14. Kai – New Zealand term for food.
  15. Yummies – Delicious food items.
  16. Feedbag – Meal or food in general.
  17. Za – Slang for pizza.
  18. Brew – Informal for a drink.
  19. Snackage – A collection of snacks.
  20. Edibles – Food often refers to infused.

Use of Food Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’m really hungry; let’s get some grub.
  2. Where can we find good eats around here?
  3. I could use a little nosh right now.
  4. The army provided enough chow for everyone.
  5. Late at night, I often have the munchies.
  6. We ordered a few bites before the main course.
  7. Let’s cook some classic Australian tucker tonight.
  8. She loves to scoff down her favorite meal.
  9. The pioneers always had their vittles ready.
  10. The bakery offers all sorts of nom-noms.
  11. After surfing, I need some serious grindage.
  12. Did you hear him chomp on those chips?
  13. The canteen offers a variety of scran options.
  14. I love the traditional kai in New Zealand.
  15. This cafe is known for its yummies.
  16. Put on the feedbag; dinner’s ready!
  17. Let’s grab a slice of za for lunch.
  18. How about we make a fresh brew?
  19. I stocked up on snackage for the trip.
  20. She brought a tray of homemade edibles to the party.

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