30+ Slang for Tired (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Tired Mean?

“Tired” refers to feeling a lack of energy or strength, often due to physical exertion, mental fatigue, or lack of sleep. It can also mean weary or bored with something due to overexposure or repetition.

Slang For Tired

Slang Words for Tired

Here is the list of slang words for Tired with meanings:

  1. Zonked – Completely exhausted; very tired.
  2. Wiped – Drained of energy; beat.
  3. Knackered – Extremely fatigued; very tired.
  4. Bushwhacked – Overcome by exhaustion; totally spent.
  5. Shattered – Extremely tired; beyond fatigued.
  6. Pooped – Very drained; completely tired.
  7. Bushed – Worn out; completely tired.
  8. Fried – Mentally exhausted; brain-drained.
  9. Drained – Emotionally or physically fatigued.
  10. Done – Totally spent; can’t continue.
  11. Beat – Very worn out; exhausted.
  12. Toasted – Burned out; mentally/physically spent.
  13. Cooked – Done for; completely exhausted.
  14. Gassed – Out of energy; super tired.
  15. Dead – So exhausted, can’t move.
  16. Crashed – Completely worn out; fatigued.
  17. Burnt – Overworked; overly fatigued.
  18. Spent – Completely out of energy.
  19. Wasted – Overexerted; very worn out.
  20. Frazzled – Overstressed; extremely weary.
  21. Wrecked – Heavily exhausted; very tired.
  22. Donezo – Totally finished; utterly drained.
  23. Sacked – Feeling lazy or drained.
  24. Kaput – Broken down; not functioning.
  25. Whacked – Exhausted; really tired.
  26. Shot – Completely used up; drained.
  27. Tuckered – Worn out; really tired.
  28. Worn – Depleted of energy; fatigued.
  29. Fagged – Extremely tired; very worn out.
  30. Dusted – Completely finished; very tired.

Use of Tired Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of Tired:

  1. I’ve been working all day, feeling zonked now.
  2. After that hike, I’m totally wiped out.
  3. I stayed up too late and now I’m knackered.
  4. That workout completely bushwhacked me!
  5. After the marathon, I was absolutely shattered.
  6. Just ran 5 miles and I’m pooped.
  7. That long trip left me feeling bushed.
  8. After studying all night, my brain’s fried.
  9. That emotional movie left me feeling drained.
  10. Can’t go any further, I’m completely done.
  11. That intense game left me feeling beat.
  12. Stayed up all night, now I’m toasted.
  13. After the BBQ, I was utterly cooked.
  14. Ran the whole field, now I’m gassed.
  15. Worked 12 hours straight, I’m dead tired.
  16. I’ve crashed after the long bike ride.
  17. I’ve been working non-stop, feeling burnt out.
  18. After the gym session, I’m completely spent.
  19. Partied all night, woke up wasted.
  20. Juggling five tasks, now I’m frazzled.
  21. That heavy workout has me wrecked.
  22. This project has me feeling completely donezo.
  23. I feel sacked after that intense debate.
  24. The old car is completely kaput now.
  25. I’m whacked after the endless meetings.
  26. My patience for this task is shot.
  27. Playing with kids has me all tuckered out.
  28. After the chores, my hands are worn.
  29. A week of travel, now I’m fagged.
  30. Finished the chores, and I’m totally dusted.

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